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How To Make a Gravity Bong

Gravity Bongs

Gravs are my favorite way to smoke because not only does it hit you fucking hard but it hits you fast too. From what i’ve read gravity bongs are the second best way to get as much THC from weed as possible right behind vaporizers. In this thread i will tell you how to make one of these epic bongs.

What you need:
A bottle (water, gatorade, 2-liter, etc.)
a bowl with a stem or a socket
a bucket that is about the same size as the bottle
a lighter

How to assemble:

1. First you want to take the bottle and make a hole in it’s cap. This can be done with a screwdriver or drill or with a pen and some strength. The hole should be about the size of your stem or socket because this is what will hold it in place.

2. Next you will want to take your lighter and burn 4 or 5 little holes at the bottom of the bottle (on the sides, not literally on the bottom). you want them to be about an inch apart and burned all the way around the bottle.

3.Then you want to fill your bucket with water almost to the top of the bucket.

4. To test out if you made your holes big enough, place the bottle into the water right side up and the water should go through the holes in the bottom into the water bottle.

5. To test out if your bowl and cap are properly fitted, screw the cap onto the water bottle and put your thumb over the bowl. now lift the water bottle and the water should stay in the bottle until the bottle is completely out of the water in the bucket.

How to use:

  • First put the water bottle into the bucket that is filled with water and make sure that your bottle is filling up with water.
  • Now load your bowl with as much weed as you want to pack it with and screw the cap onto the water bottle.
  • Keep one hand on your bottle and use the other hand to grab your lighter and start lighting the weed.
  • As you light the weed you want to pull the bottle up so that the water that is coming out of the bottom is being displaced with smoke from the weed.
  • Keep doing this slowly until your bottle is about to come out of the water and then, while still holding the bottle, put down the lighter and unscrew the cap.
  • Right after you do this you are going to want to lift the bottle out of the water and breathe in all of the smoke in the bottle
  • Now repeat these steps over and over until you’re ripped.

Side Notes:

  1. Make sure that your weed isn’t packed too tight in the bowl because you want a little bit of air to be able to get into the water bottle when the water is being displaced or else you will be burning weed and no smoke will be in the bottle.
  2. If you’re using a socket you might want to get a screen or just use a small socket because the weed might just fall into the water if you’re not careful or if it’s not packed enough.
  3. If you don’t want your smoke to be harsh then before you suck the smoke in, push the bottle into the water and then suck some water into the bottle. Lift out the bottle and keeping sucking and you will have a bubbler effect going on at the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Some people like to just cut the bottom of the bottle off and instead of lifting the bottle out of the water they just put their mouth on it and push down as they breathe in. Even though it achieves the same effect you will find that, the higher you get, the harder it will be to keep the bottom of the bottle in the water.
  5. The good thing about using 5 holes is that when you lift the bottle out of the water, no smoke will escape from those holes but with the bottom cut off of the bottle, smoke will pour out and will be wasted on nothing.
How it should look when you pull it up
Gravity Bong
What the bottle should look like
(it’s basically a watefall bong but with more holes and unlimited water)

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