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Make A Fake Vagina

How To Make A Fake Vagina

This is a guide on how to make a vagina out of household items for lonely people and virgins that just need a little lovin’.

What you need:
Water Balloons (4-6 should do)
A pillow
A belt or thick shoelace (belts are better)
Plastic trash bag

How to assemble:
1. Fill the water balloons up with warm (not hot) water but not all the way or else they will pop when you are plowing
2. Take your pillow and roll it into a tube shape and put a belt or shoelace around it so it holds this shape.
3. Stuff the opening of the opening of your pillow with the water balloons, if you can’t fit them all in the pillow then take 1 or 2 out
4. Put your trash bag in the middle of your balloons and add lubrication.
5. Start having intercourse with you pillow and enjoy your warm, slippery, fake vagina.

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