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More Evidence Covid Quarantine Camps Are Coming To The U.S.

Ladies and gentlemen, all evidence points to them trying to Australia our America…..

You may or may not remember when I reported on The Army hiring internment specialists with a focus in handling civilian detainees.

It appears as if officials in Washington State are now attempting to do something similar…..

According to Natural News, Washington officials ‘stealth edited’ a job listing relating to quarantine camps by removing terms like ‘strike team’ from their original posting.

The only reason they even edited the post was because widespread scrutiny came when the posting was made viral on social media.

Why would these people need a strike team? Why would any ‘public health’ department need a strike team?

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I cannot say for certain, but I am certain of this: these people do not have the best interests of The American people at heart…..

Here’s more on the story:

Natural News noticed and reported the stealth edited post, here’s what they had to say:

When governments use the term “strike team,” they are of course referring to a heavily armed assault team that uses violence (or the threat of violence) to achieve its goals. In this case, their goal is obviously medical kidnapping.

The purpose of the “strike team” is to raid the homes of unvaccinated people and force them into quarantine / death camps at gunpoint, after which many will likely be exterminated. Their deaths, of course, will be blamed on “covid.”

Nowhere in the history of any government, anywhere in the world, have “strike teams” sat around folding laundry and making beds, which is the current (laughable) cover story now appearing in the edited job listing. Do they really think we will swallow that one? “Hurry, go get more pillow cases… send in the strike team!”

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Take a look at the listing details directly from this Government Jobs website:

The mission of the Department of Health (DOH) is to protect and improve the health of people in Washington. The division of Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) ensures the agency and its local health, tribal, and medical partners are better prepared to respond to and recover from public health emergencies, major disasters, and terrorist activities that affect the health of the people of Washington State.

The Isolation and Quarantine (I&Q) Section works to decompress hospitals by supporting local and state isolation and quarantine, Alternate Care Facility (ACF), and patient transport (EMS) by partnering with local governments (Tribes, Counties, Cities) and communities, state agencies, and other entities in the event of an emergency.

People who test positive for COVID-19 or who are exposed to someone who tests positive are asked to isolate or quarantine (I & Q) away from other people for 10 to 14 days in order to reduce risk of transmitting the virus to others. Most people are able to isolate or quarantine in their own homes. In Washington State, providing for I & Q is the responsibility of local jurisdictions.

h/t: We Love Trump

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