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PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They Are Going to Decertify This Election!”

The Gateway Pundit scored a MAJOR interview today with non other than President Trump himself!

The only thing bigger than getting the man himself for an interview is getting a major story during the interview, and that’s exactly what happened.

President Trump has been pretty tight lipped about the recounts happening all over the country.

He knows he can’t get involved or look like he’s getting involved….it has to be organic by people other than him.

TRENDING: Empty Your Colon In 5 Minutes With This Bowel Massage

So he hasn’t said much, but now with the Arizona audit results imminent, The Gateway Pundit scored a MAJOR victory when President Trump said point blank he expects they will decertify this election!

Oh my!

And then it gets wild!

Watch the short clip here on Rumble:

Here is a longer version on Rumble:

One more version, which is marked the “clean copy” on Rumble:

Don’t miss this! They do this 10-second bowel massage, which completely empties the colon in 5 minutes.

And here is the FULL interview, which I thought was really great by the Hoft brothers….

Watch here on Rumble:

h/t: We Love Trump

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