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Sending and Receiving Pictures by Radio

Sending and Receiving Pictures by Radio

Slow scan TV is a way to send still pictures by radio. Pictures can be sent by using SSTV software to convert pictures into audio tones which are then transmitted to who ever you are trying to send pictures to. SSTV generally takes between 8 seconds to a couple of minutes to send depending on the mode used, size and whether or not the picture is color or greyscale.

The main SSTV modes in use are AVT, Robot, Martin and Scotty. It depends on the mode used and the settings used with a particular mode as to how long it will take to transmit, picture quality and color. e.g AVT 8 takes 8 seconds to transmit a greyscale picture 128×128 in size which is the smallest and fastest mode but has poor picture quality where Martin M1 takes 114 seconds to transmit a color picture with 240 scan lines and with good picture quality

To receive SSTV all you need is a shortwave radio capable of receiving SSB signals, an audio cable and SSTV decoding software that can use the soundcard as an input.

SSTV can normally be heard on the following frequency’s

3845 kHz LSB
7170 kHz LSB
14,230 kHz USB
21,340 kHz USB
28,680 kHz USB

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