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Swallowed the pill, am I just too used to being comfortable?

I’ve been reading TRP for a few years now, and am finally making progress. First thing I had to do was to get single again.

Six weeks ago I ended things with my ex, of 2yrs+. I’ve struggled with PMO addiction for a long time. I realized reading TRP that I just wasn’t attracted to my LTR girlfriend any longer. She was constantly complaining about all of her friends getting married, she was getting older, you should buy me a ring, etc……

To make matters worse, she had changed quite a bit from the sexy young Latina girl I fell for. She stopped going to the gym, gained 15+lbs and wasn’t down for sex as much as was. Since February, I’ve rededicated myself to the gym and lifting to be the most powerful person I can be. I tend to put on muscle pretty easy (and naturally) so when I start training, my sex drive tends to go from corvette to formula one race car.

The thing that has always bothered me was that she claimed to “choose me” when we first met a bar several years ago. I’ve always felt like she was high 7HB but she, like many American women all tend to think of themselves as a 12/10.

I’ve seen many good men in my day get divorced raped. I don’t want to end up the same way. I told this to my LTR and she flipped out stating our relationship was a “waste of time”, her being 28yo and approaching the wall FAST. She told me she fuckin loved me and cried a mountain of tears. I held frame and said there’s nothing else to be said, I don’t love you, I’m too selfish.

I’ve moved into a new apartment and she has literally stalked me and been waiting outside my place multiple times since the break-up trying to “talk”. She says eventually I’ll come to my senses and get back together. When a woman gets blindsided, it’s crazy how crazy they can get.

My question is this: Why do I feel like a piece of shit? The ex is a decent HB7, educated, good with money, good family. I want to fuck around I guess? Am I just too used to being comfortable in a LTR? I broke free and now the world seems large again. It’s crazy how we can distract our minds to the real possibilities in front of us. I plan to continue lifting, working on my small business idea, and creating a new circle of friends.

I went out solo a few weekends ago and forced myself to interact with people. Sure, I had a couple crash and burn moments, but I realized that I can control my reality. I watched the NBA Finals and made a couple friends.

Here’s my field report.

  1. Some people just hate their life. It’s okay to excuse yourself from the Debbie Downers of the world.
  2. Some women are SOO boring. Absolutely nothing to add or say or be funny or sexy. I can’t believe how many women try to get by on looks.
  3. Always be closing, unless you’re trying to practice and move on.
  4. Don’t get too drunk.

Within 2 days of breaking up, I met a 32yo classy MILF off Bumble and was having amazing sex her. I was attracted to her and her to me. I’m also working to plate a 25yo nursing student. I’m going to try and maximize my 30’s and beyond.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone that contributes to this sub. I’m constantly nodding my head in agreement as I learn TRP psychology.




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