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Thank You USA For Screwing Us, FIlesonic Disables File Sharing & Leaves Users Hanging


I hate Megaupload and most of you already know that but as much as I hate MU, I love filesonic, I love it so much that I even have an account there. Recently I got an update from my friends on TG and I was furious. I expected this to happen but I was sure filesonic would try a different approach (They did actually but…). Currently, I am cancelling my membership of filesonic and basically moving away from filesharing websites. I don’t pirate or upload anything but I do download files like all decent, handsome and really great users but this new wave of closures have left me standing naked with a dildo up my ass.

I mean it’s okay to disable certain aspects of it, but why do the paid members get screwed over as well. I mean with Megaupload users lost their data and with filesonic users are losing their ability to share. It’s common knowledge that people earn money using their affiliate programs that these file hosting services offer. Majority of them offer it, hence you get to see huge dumbs of porn videos, music files and yes movies. Although it’s a welcome change since we won’t see much bots on the forums but it does completely screw over the payment system people were using to earn a bit of cash.

Also, it really makes it harder for users like us to download things that we want, also people who have uploaded gigs of stuff now would be panicking because you never know when it’s completely gone. Compared to other filehosting, filesonic was mostly preferred over fileserve and mediafire. I actually use MF links more because I don’t have to wait it. It gives direct downloading which is a huge plus. But now, I am afraid I will lose that website as well.

But fear not, there is always a solution if you look hard enough. There are still ways to get what you want and still don’t get in trouble. We have started a newsletter service and the first edition will focus just on that. I don’t want to mention other services and get them locked as well. So, if you really want to know which alternatives to try, I suggest you join up our newsletter.

Back in the day, I would happily share things openly but considering how Internet Companies are in danger, I don’t want to risk losing our humble community.


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