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Trump: Border Crisis Turning U.S. Into A ‘Third World Nation’

The southern border is wide open, thousands of people are crossing it illegally and Joe Biden is doing nothing.

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Trump just released a statement suggesting that this is going to turn the United States into a third world country.

It certainly looks that way.

Newsmax reports:

Trump: US Will Be ‘Third World Nation’ From Border Crisis

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that the United States would soon be considered a Third World nation because of the number of migrants crossing the southern border illegally.

”The United States will soon be considered a ‘Third World Nation,”’ Trump said in a statement Monday. ”There has never been anything like what is happening at our border. Millions of people have already poured in, but many more than that are coming!”

Trump’s statement comes as more than 12,000 immigrants camp out under the Del Rio International Bridge at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas.

Drone and aircraft video from several news outlets shows the makeshift camp under the bridge and a steady stream of migrants crossing illegally between Texas and Mexico unimpeded.

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U.S. Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz said in a CNN story that the increased number of crossings at that location could been a result of word-of-mouth or social media postings that the border at Del Rio was effectively ”open.”

See the full statement below:

Trump is right. And the worst part is that this is being done by design.

Biden and the Democrats are letting it happen.

h/t: American Lookout

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