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Another crisis in life


Life is full of surprises, like just yesterday I found out that I can indeed work all day in bed without breaking my back, although it does have some negative side effects. It has been a long month for all us and since most of us are busy (including me) it’s hard to keep up with stuff and write about things but fear not, we’re still here and trying to get back on our feet but with a new spin to things.

My friend RemadE has suffered a lot in his life, his life is always revolving around shit quite literally, due to his sickness or unwanted super powers (Crohn’s). So, it didn’t surprise me when he posted some of his fears and why making long lasting relationship was a hurdle for him.

Normally I shouldn’t share something like this but I thought maybe there is someone who is going through the same problems and might be willing to help my friend out. But I must warn you, after reading this you won’t be able to look at a girl in the same way unless you’re into scat porn. Don’t worry we don’t judge.


It seems I’ve taken a weird turn in life. Again;
This time it isn’t about enlightenment, work, my medical condition or any of that stuff. This time it’s about everyone. Any living organism on this planet, and specifically those of the opposite sex.

I can’t stand assholes.

Not the derogatory term for an annoying or otherwise negative-association of the word with a person type, but instead the chocolate starfish, the bunghole, the poop chute, output device. The anus.

Why, may you ask? Well it’s simple guys and girls.

In recent months I have taken it upon myself to waste copious amounts of time to watch pornographic images, both moving and still as most unemployed Males do. They are great, until somewhere along the line I see, in this beautiful age of High Definition, an anus. Maybe it has a stray hair on it, or a freckle that looks like a piece of shit, or maybe even a dick up there.

But why RemadE, WHY does it bother you? Everyone shits.

That’s exactly it. Ok I will go into my medical condition a bit here as it gives the basis for it. In short I avoid eating food because of two reasons

  • It’s uncomfortable and I instantly think whenever I see anyone eating food “goddamn, you’re churning that into crap”
  • Having an Opiate problem means I crap out something that resembles a tree stump if I were to eat

So that was the basis. For some reason whenever I see a photo of a gorgeous woman that so many of us have tugged our todgers over in .JPG or .FLV format all I can think about when I see her in a position that openly reveals her poop chute is the screen filling with shit. The most ugly, heinous, retch-inducing load of crap that were to ever come out of her ugly internal side – a beautiful rendition, showing the stark contrast between the outer beauty and inner beast. The glorious vagina, and almost deathly anus. This goes for ANY girl I see. Even walking to Town just now.

I don’t know why. I really don’t. I can’t even fap without either bursting into fits of giggles or being sick (true story, I won’t discuss it here though as it involves others).

So what are the solutions?
I don’t know. I’ve stuck my dick in a coked up girl and I can tell you now that when smell-o-vision comes out you will never watch an anal scene again. You will also, like me, have nightmares that you are fucking a girl doggy style and they will unleash brown, semi-liquid stink sauce all over you – some splashing onto your chin and grimaced lips. I CAN’T ESCAPE IT! EVEN WHEN I TALK TO A HOT GIRL MY DOG SHITS ON MY SHOE!
It’s like I am drowning in a life of crap, both metaphorically, mentally and if I’m having a bad day – literally.

So, what are the solutions? It’s a good question and quite frankly I am out of ideas. Some mental exercise or a therapy session could work in theory but I guess his problem is more deep rooted. It’s more to do with exposure, in his case the constant exposure to bowel movements and the added stress of never letting go, adds a very real threat to his sex life.

I mean just imagine for a minute, there is a hot girl in bed, all prepped up for you and soon as she bends for you, the only thought that runs through your mind is shit, a massive flood of shit coming out her anus and dripping on the sheets, the smell and the unprocessed bits will be enough to make you puke and what if she farts as well.

I can assure you, even the horniest fuck can’t maintain a decent wood, and it’s just too much for your brain to process. It’s overloading your senses and in the ending creating a deep sense of fear and frustration. Also it will to more isolated environment and introvert mind set.

One could call it a phobia and can then cure it but for him it’s the constant reminder about his condition. So, the only way to reduce the stress would be through hypnosis, a mild hypnosis might be able to change his outlook when it comes to sex and seeing anus.

I am not sure if it’s the best way to go about it but it makes sense. But if you have any ideas or comments that may help my friend, please use the comment or just visit this thread and reply directly there.


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