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Big argument over my girlfriend not getting her way. Staying non-reactive.

So I’m Driving back from dropping a friend off at the airport. So my girlfriend wanted to go eat at a restaurant. At the airport I told her I would. When we were getting close to the house I decide that I would rather just go straight home. BOOM, shit testing time. She starts pouting about and being all childish. Right when we pull up in the driveway she gets out of the car with an attitude and walks inside the house. Realizing in that moment that my dumbass bluepill brainwashing has taught me to act in ways that teach her that when she pouts and complain she gets her way. So then I decide to do something different and I drive away. I go to the store get some drinks FOR MYSELF and relax. She texts me “why did you leave”. I say,”to have some alone time”. When I come back big argument. Here are the points she said of why she was upset: •she didn’t like being left alone in the house •she didn’t like have to cook and make food herself that she didn’t prefer •she didn’t like me leaving without telling her were I was going. •she didn’t like me not taking her with me when I decided to go to the store anyway.

Things only a bluepiller would hear. Seeing how ridiculous those reasons are helped me stay grounded while she was totally freaking out about my different way of acting and doing things for myself. I kept pretty calm over all, maybe got to invested into the argument at times. Then comes the tears, still keeping calm and distant. Asking if she ready to make up. Then she goes back to angry, still calm watching the tsunami. Then after a little while of mostly non reactive, not giving her what she wants. She said sorry, then I held her hand acknowledged her and said I forgave her. Then hugged me and says sorry again. Now we are sitting together and she was curious about if I’m writing about her bad attitude:p

My Lessons: •can’t win an argument by logic and talking. Only by observing her storm and staying non-reactive. •Woman are like children and should be treated like one. •her storms are stronger and happen more often but will pass with a reward of her being submissive IF I act like a confident, strong non-reactive man •feels good to have the dominant position as a man. Thanks TRP.

Edit: Thanks for pointing out were I failed short on this one. Always have to follow through with my word as the authority. I think this was me unconsciously making a passive aggressive move on my part instead of being straightforward. The part that I left out earlier was that I got mad when she pulled my phone out of my hand while driving back because she saw that a girl in our friends circle was texting me. If I were to make not going as a punishment I should have told her that right after she took the phone out of my hand and not wait until we reached the house.



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