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BREAKING: Trump Has Raised An ‘Unprecedented’ Amount of Money Ahead of 2022 Midterms

Former President Donald Trump has managed to raise some $100 million in a war chest he plans to use to help Republicans regain control of Congress next year and the White House in 2024 if he himself doesn’t run for president again.

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According to Federal Election Commission filings, Trump reportedly raising an unprecedented $82 million during the first half of 2021 and now has $102 million in his political action committee coffers.

Politico added that Trump is the first former president to reporting having nine figures in donations for her political operation, and all of it came despite being banned from the major social media platforms.

“The scenario is virtually unprecedented: Never in history has a former president banked nine figures’ worth of donations to power a political operation,” the outlet reported.

“Over the first six months of the year, Trump’s political groups whipped up supporters with baseless claims of election fraud to pull in cash on a scale similar to the GOP’s official political arms, the Republican National Committee and the party’s House and Senate campaign committees,” Politico added.

The outlet noted that Trump’s fundraising effort is spread out over various Political action committees including: “Save America, a leadership PAC he launched shortly after losing the 2020 election; Make America Great Again PAC, his old campaign account which was converted into a PAC this year; and a joint fundraising outfit that sends its funds to the other two groups.”

And earlier this year, the former president signed on on the creation of the Make America Great Again Action, an organization that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.

But thus far, according to the Washington Post, Trump’s PAC’s are just raising and then stockpiling cash.

And the massive fundraising has led seasoned political watchers to determine that Trump is planning to stick around.

“This man has no intention of going away,” Dan Eberhart, a major Republican donor who has been critical of Trump, told the paper.

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“To me, the $64,000 question is how much money he’s going to spend on primaries,” Eberhart added.

“Is he going to save it for himself, or is he going to go completely nuts on five different House races and spend a tremendous amount of money?” he told the Post.

“It seems like he’s going to go all out for his chosen people,” he added.

Politico noted that Trump slowed down his fundraising efforts for a short time following the breach of the U.S. Capitol Building Jan. 6, but that incident did not seem to affect his fundraising ability after he restarted again in the spring.

Most of what Trump has raised so far is expected to be utilized on chosen GOP candidates who will try to wing back the House and possibly even the Senate during next year’s midterm elections.

One person familiar with the president said that he is expected to play an active role in campaigning for chosen candidates.

“On behalf of the millions of men and women who share my outrage and want me to continue to fight for the truth, I am grateful for your support,” Trump said in a statement.

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