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Common Sense Part 1: From Flabby to Happy

This is Part 1 of a 3 (and possibly more) Part series I’ll be starting on this blog addressing some of the common pitfalls men in our society face today, and specific strategies on how to deal with them.

This is a concept that for the life of me I can’t understand why some guys can’t get into their heads. I’m not even gonna go into the Alpha vs Beta bullshit here, because honestly that is only a deterrence when thinking of this sort of thing. Anyone who thinks of themselves as not being able to upgrade their appearance and progress in the world, you have stumbled upon the right place. Bravado is what you must use to harness your inner passion and emotion and transfer that into motivation and inspiration. I am here to teach you exactly how to do such, how to transform you from the loser without plans or friends on a regular basis to A Supremely Built Bad Ass Motherfucker with the capability of turning heads and emitting stares walking down the street, and creating his own happiness. Part of being happy is being on good terms with yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Don’t you like the idea of going from a loser, or even average, to a human comparison of a Greek God?

Yea, it may seem like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. You think those fitness gurus spend ALL day in the gym lifting and only eat steaks and drink protein? No, there’s a reason why they are able to get to such a great physical stature and stay there.

They have the basic principles of Bravado down pact.

They have the motivation, drive, focus and desire (all are skills you must finely craft and sharpen, which I will be of assistance) to stick to their routine. The key is not to make pussy excuses, and even when they do occur (which they do at times) reject them. This is a key you must have the skill of restraint mastered to understand, because even when it does occur you must have the power to say in your head “I am over my excuses, I will not be a pussy, I will be Bigger, Better and Bolder than my problems,” but it’s not just saying it, it’s consciously and simultaneously DOING it, and this is a skill that takes practice and experience to make habit. However, practice does make perfect and before long thought and action will by synonymous in not just that, but in everything you do. You will think of an action you need to take and immediately do so, this is an embodiment of Bravado.

“The gym is too far” Great, the travel to the gym will be excellent for a warm up before you get there.

“I don’t have time to go to the gym” Yes you do, and if you truly don’t you’re either wasting too much time or not optimizing your time correctly, most likely both. I know this option isn’t available for everyone due to having a job, but I like to get up in the morning early before the world wakes up (I’m talking 5-6 AM, as my body is hardwired to naturally wake me up at 8AM no matter what) and go for a run. Get some push ups and some sit ups in, I used to have one of those pull up bars you attach to your door frame but I don’t so I usually follow up with leg exercises. The gist is stop bitching and making excuses. 

“I’m not in that great of shape” This is one of the most commonly used and stupidest complaints I’ve had relating to the subject. Yes, you are not in good shape right now. Why? Because you keep pussying out of getting in shape in favor of things that 9 times out of 10 don’t add any happiness, money or women to your life. These types of distractions (video games, social networking, watching tv, etc) Can be cut out or reduced in favor of self improvement.

“I need a personal trainer/I dont know what to do/I dont have a routine etc” With the prominence of the internet nowadays, this isn’t even a valid excuse. Many a workout program can be found on the internet now, both those catering to those with specific body types and those more general, it’s too easy to find a consistent plan and stick with it.

“There’s no gyms near me/I cant afford the gym” The former is a problem that I can see occurring, and that’s not your fault honestly, and the latter is a problem that can be overcame with proper budgeting and side income tactics, both of which I will discuss later on the blog. But for now, if you find yourself in either situation neither is an excuse, as there are numerous exercises you can do from the comfort of your home, and as long as you remember that one of the key components of fitness is intensity, you will still be able to achieve results.

And then when you LOOK better, you FEEL better, and you THINK better.

Wanna know why those fitness gurus have the confidence to speak to any girl and not worry about being shut down?

They have the Abundance Mentality intact. They have this from the experience of knowing that based off their looks, they have an increased chance at both scoring during the approach and being approached when out in public. All because they have a physique that turns heads and makes women drool, and they know it. They can use it to their advantage because their confidence in their own self is only inflated by the lives they live, and the women they fuck.

So let me break this down into tl;dr principles:

Dont be a pussy: If you have the thought of going to the gym and you have no other obligation at hand, GO. Fuck the bullshit excuse you’re telling yourself as to why you can’t, and do it, and thank me later, because soon enough you wont even have the ability to be reluctant.

If it’s a problem, you can fix it: Pretty self explanatory. Gym far? You’ll get a good work out in while you’re there. Don’t know what to do or don’t have a gym near you? Access the internet, find some basic workout programs and get to sculpting your future God Body. Either way, learn to unlock your inner Bravado and get to work on going from a boring, uninteresting average joe, to a chiseled physique to be coupled with your new found Alpha mindset.

And Above all? Get into the MINDSET of “When I say I’m going to do this, I’m going to get up and do it immediately, and it will make me better”. That is Bravado.

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