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Forge Ahead in the New Year – Unlock Your Bravado!

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”
― Brad Paisley

No matter what anyone tells you, every new day you wake up is a chance to reject the past and embrace the future, and make said future better – whether it’s New Years or Spring Break, you can always improve yourself as a person. 2015 has been a year of ups and downs for me personally, but the culmination of all that has brought me here, to the creation of Live Like a Lord. The few articles and pieces of advice posted on this site are only a taste of what’s to come, the year of 2016 will be enrichening. I will challenge the very concepts you’ve grown accustomed to your whole life, I will help you expand your mindset and create the person you are in your dreams, I will help you develop a sense of ruthlessness cunning that will enable you to take on any situation in the world with a Bold mindset and a clear head, and come out a Champion.

I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, but with the rise of this site/brand all coming around this time, I think it’s a good idea to set some goals I have in mind going into the New Years for this site and what’s to come of it:

  • Later on in the year I will be finishing and publishing Unlock Your Bravado: Bigger, Bolder, BETTER which is an e-book which will encompass all of the concepts of this site and detail, organize and distinguish them in a spectrum in accordance with ideologies of my mindset – aptly named Bravado after my brand. The book will have a cost, but it will be less than $10 (and it will likely be packaged with another FREE E-book).
  • I plan to write a series of e-books designed to explain and narrow down basic concepts of the Bravado mindset, and how to incorporate them into your life and practice and conscious recognition. The first planned book is named CHAMPION: Mindset of a ELITE which will use the basis of the mindset and lifestyle that winners like Kobe Bryant, Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, and others like them have, and how you can take the thought they have about life and use them to become an elite in your own path, and a champion in your field.
  • The promotion of this website is obvious, but I also want to increase the interaction here. I know this is a new site and some of the concepts here might be a bit taboo, but the most accurate way I have of telling people’s opinions and views of the site is through your interaction. If you’re reading this right now and haven’t read any other posts I encourage you to do so, and in the process of such take some time out to the view the sidebar and drop your email int he subscribe box. I didn’t know this until I started blogging honestly, but other than twitter (which my information for is in the sidebar as well) subscribing via email to a blog is their best and sometimes only way of knowing who the true users/fans are. The ones that subscribe and show interest in the site will be rewarded with things like bonus content, early access to articles and books and much more. So do me a favor and subscribe to the email list, and drop a follow on twitter too.
  • At some point in the year I will be bringing on one or two guest writers to write articles for the site for a “different” sort of view. I know for now the site only caters to men, but soon enough there will be a section popping up in the menu bar titled “Lesbi-honest” which will feature two of my very close friends (you can tell from the title how that section will be run) and don’t worry, it will be the same scope of things already talked about on LLAL, just from a different point of view. It will be refreshing and interesting to see their takes on some of the matter of the world, or even responses/rewriting of my own posts.
  • Sometime in the year I will be opening and hosting my Bravura Couture store, which will feature both high class fashion and street wear for those who realize that the most important thing in choosing clothes is quality, not brand. I created a prototype of a shoe I had a design of which you can find and purchase here.
  • Depending on the response this blog gets (and my penchant for being a natural public speaker) I may decide to end my pact of anonymity and start giving speeches and presentations, it’s honestly something I’ve always been able to see myself doing but up until now I didn’t understand how to start it or how to build an audience. Now with the help of LLAL, I help to change enough lives/minds or be a factor in the empowering and betterment of enough people to do be able to do that, and so much more.

I have big plans for 2016, big goals and big ideas on how to achieve them. But for that, I need help from you.

Are you ready to take this year by storm, and transform yourself from a normal, average boring guy? Don’t you want to be health conscious, fit, culturally seasoned, knowledgeable of world issues and above all interesting and appealing? You probably spend too much time on social media, watching tv/playing video games or WORKING 24/7 to actually change your life and set it up to enjoy it in the future, you’re too busy right now either relaxing or working too hard.

Get up, right now and change that.

Instead of leisurely activities that don’t challenge your mind or body at all, Read a book, go do some exercise, go to an art museum or somewhere you wouldn’t usually go, draw something, write something, either way just expand your mind at all available times and learn how to properly invest your time, and by the end of 2016 I want to hear your comments telling me the difference I’ve made.

So without further adieu, Chapter 1 of the New Book of Life begins.

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