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Negative Personality Dissolution – Defeating Your Psyche

~Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change~
Gretchen Rubin

This post is going to deal with the concept of having a Negative Personality and how to defeat said part of your psyche and transform yourself into an optimist, a person who believes they are on this earth for a purpose and they can improve both their own life and the lives of those around them. 

First of all, having a Negative Personality can come from a variety of factors – from a lack of nurture or acknowledgement as a child, to a traumatic experience in one’s life, to having life a life of hardships. Whatever the case, the point that I want to stress today is that whatever it is that is stressing you out daily, you CAN change with the proper time, care and devotion to change – however you must understand that it is NOT something that can or will happen overnight, or maybe not even over the course of a week or month. It will take time to institute change in your life, which was a concept I wasn’t too familiar or OK with when I first started. It stunted my improvement at first, and left me in a position how I am now where I sometimes think “If I was now how I was then…”

But this is OK. Want to know why? 

It FUELS me. Every time I think about it, every time I take into consideration the person that I should be, I use that as motivation to get up at that moment and go better myself at that moment.

Stop taking everyone else’s feelings into consideration before yours. Why?

They most likely aren’t doing anything to help you or the quality of their life. Now granted some do, but a majority of the time people spend chatting small talk with friends, watching their favorite celebrity on tv or doing other such things can be used for improvement in life.

Want to know why rich people rarely keep in constant contact with each other?

They’re too busy MAXIMIZING their PRODUCTIVITY, they’re optimizing their time and using it for the best output and result possible.

You can too, and I want you to understand this and wake up everyday, go to sleep every night and stress to yourself everyday that you CAN and WILL improve the quality of your life and positivity of your mindset, it will just take some time.

You think you’re broke/poor? – While I do stress the idea of making money and budgeting in your teens, this isn’t something that was taught to most people in school or even as a basic skill by a lot of parents. As a result, there are a good amount of adults that are in the condition of either living with their parents or in an impoverished condition/location – which I wont say is fine necessarily, but you CAN change it. What you must understand is this will take TIME. It is not an overnight process especially depending on what type of job you have (or lack thereof) but you CAN affect change in your life, you must however do this by spending less time in leisure and more time working for improvement. The more you do this, the more routine it becomes – until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. There is an interesting quote I’ve found that explains the subject of said “work now, play later” attitudes in simple terms – “If you don’t suffer the pain of hard work now, you will suffer the pain of regret later.”

Such is true in the struggles of life, but is not taught to people but school or parents alike. It’s good that you’re reading this now, because that means 2 things:

  1. You have said Negative Personality and want to get rid of it and take the steps to effectively eliminating said parts of your psyche and crafting a Positive, Optimistic and Cunning mindset.
  2. You’re reading this right now, which means you have internet access and access to the basic tools you need for improvement. 

While I wont advise taking heed to everything you find on the internet, there is somewhere you can find a solution to all of your problems, from getting a job, to game with women, to fitness and diet,  fashion and style and even interesting personality trait development. Research and reading are important in life and are two important factors in learning, and the more you learn, the more seasoned and experienced you become and the more improvement in your life you can achieve.

You think you’re ugly? – There may be various reasons for that, but all of them can be defeated and overcome. Regularly get your hair cut, take great care in your hygiene (I don’t mean go all feminine but great detail should be taken to teeth, skin, face and hair and nails on mall men), work on your diet and physical appearance and take great care in your fashion and style and watch the reactions of those around you change.

If you usually wear street wear or more casual fits, spend a month regularly dressing in things like blazers and chinos with some nice shoes ( and I don’t mean dress shoes) and maybe a nice watch, see how things change. See how people are more likely and willing to do things for you or have conversation for you, note how much happier or positive people seem talking to you, note how many compliments you get and how easier it is to talk to people.

Wouldn’t you like it to be like this all the time?

It CAN be.

You CAN change your appearance and look better, you CAN use such to destroy the negative psyche you have and unlock the long dormant, elite side of your psyche that you can use to take on the world. The side with swagger. The side with Bravado. The side of Pride and a High Sense of Value in themselves.

All it takes is practice, experience, and above all the recognition that it WILL NOT happen overnight. It is a PROCESS, that you most likely wont be able to even give me results as a response for if you wanted to until a bit into the new year.

But that’s fine.

Take that time.

Spend it improving yourself, spend it destroying those negative thoughts and concepts in your head, the criticisms from yourself/others that may stem from when you were a child.

All that is over.

It’s your life now. Take control of it, stop whining and use the time out of the day you aren’t using being productive in making money to….. be productive in changing your life.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

You think you’re too fat/out of shape? – You CAN change that, but first you have to get through your head that it is a PROCESS. This is something I honestly struggled with at first, when i was younger I used to be fat and upon spending a couple weeks in the gym (with moderate-intensity exercise mind you) and not seeing any results, I never went back to that gym again, convinced I was just destined to be forever fat. Throughout the years an increased metabolism, growth spurts, proper eating (get this part into your head too, you do NOT have to diet to eat properly, you can eat 3 square regular meals a day and still eat/be healthy) and above all EXERCISE all have helped me to change my appearance into a picture of my liking.

I wont claim to be built or anything like that but I’m working on it, and it’s all because I realized one thing – it is all a PROCESS that ties in with each other. You can exercise in the gym for 5 hours a day, but if you’re not properly eating (or not eating at all, which is another anti-diet nod) how do you expect to get healthy and fit? If you’re eating salads and grilled chicken all day but sitting on your ass watching tv instead of going to the gym, going for a jog or even doing something like doing some push ups/sit ups in between commercials and shows, how do you expect to look better? 

It is a PROCESS, and you must understand and embroil this into your core before you are to achieve results. In the span of things, working out and being healthy for 2-3 months before you see real results may sound like a tedious taskbut wouldn’t you rather spend that time becoming healthier, more fit, more appealing and attractive and more than likely improving the quality of your life and positive mindset? Doesn’t that sound like a better outcome of a 2-3 month time span than still being unfit, still complaining, still whining and still not doing anything about the quality of your life and yourself? Fitness is a topic I’ve touched on before with some tips for overcoming the basic qualms of why you can’t get fit, and there are honestly no excuses for improving your health and love life through exercise and proper eating.

A plus to this is – the time spent doing the routine of proper eating, exercise improving the personal qualities of your life will turn from a routine into a habit, and from a habit into a lifestyle. Crafting and honing a mindset is in some ways the same as crafting and honing a fine sword. Fine care must be taken in the personal details and aspects of development – but in the same way a blacksmith must beat the iron of a sword to create it’s shape, you must beat into your mindset the inspiration and will to change for such to occur. Everyone has conversations with themselves in their heads, it is during said conversations that you must attack the negativity in your psyche stunting your growth.

“No you can’t”“Yes I can, and I’m going to go do it right now.”
“They’re going to win over you.”“They wont, I’m going to work harder, I’m going to work better, and above all I’m going to work smarter.”
“She’s out of your league.”“There is no such thing. I have taken such control of my appearance that I am of the appearance of sophistication and class. I am not egotistically superior to her, but I will be held in a high regard from her as soon as I speak.”


Such are examples to show you what I meant. You must emboss into your mindset that you are great, that all negativity and insecurities that were part of your psyche must be dispelled, but above all understand that it will NOT happen overnight. It, like everything else in life, is a process that must be undertaken with the utmost care and detail as to craft an alluring character identity and high sense of self value, self worth and confidence.


Such is the way of BRAVADO.

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