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How to Get High From Household Items

Kids don’t do anything stupid. DO NOT FUCKING TRY ANYTHING LISTED HERE. IF YOU DIE, it’s not my fault. Blame Darwin.


This guide will tell you a few ways to get high off of household items. Not all of these ways are fun or safe but they will get you high if your desperate and can’t get anything else.

DXM is the main ingredient in most cough medicines such as Robitussin, zycam, coricidin and other cough and cold medicines. DXM is in the same class of drugs as Ketamine and PCP.

Avoid medicines with guaifenesin in them because they will usually make you puke. Also be very careful if you choose to use coricidin because it contains antihistamines which can cause seizures or heart failure.

DXM highs vary and are measured by a series of “plateaus”. A first plateau will give you a high/drunk feeling while a second plateau does the same thing only more intense with some close eyed visuals. Third and fourth will cause you to experience hallucinations and profound Dissociation. Below are what each dose will give you. Keep in mind this will vary based on tolerance and body weight.

First and second Plateau- 200 – 400 mg
Third Plateau-500 to 800mg
Fourth- 800 and up

A further tips
From my experience with DXM taking a small dose of benadryl or dramamine a half hour before tripping works wonders for the nausea.

If you want to increase the buzz weed is perfect. Be careful because it will increase the high in a drastic way.

Diphenhydramine or DPH is a deliriant found in Benadryl and Unisom. It’s in the same class of drug as Datura which is also legal. Most people find the high from this drug to be extremely unpleasant and scary.

The hallucinations you get from it are impossible to distinguish from reality. Seeing spiders and shadow people is a very common hallucination. It’s often compared to a “waking dream”.

Because the visuals are so realistic it can cause unpredictable behavior and can be terrifying to people not expecting it. Keep in mind DPH can also be deadly at a high dose or cause seizures.

IF it is your first time doing DPH your dose should only be about 300 mg’s to get the full “trip”. Adjust this according to size and tolerance.

Dramamine is another deliriant usually sold as anti nausea pills. The high is almost identical to Dph but is less potent.

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is found in wipped cream cans or you can by it legally at most head shops. As far as I know it is the only safe inhalant. Like DXM it is a dissociative even the the high only lasts for a minute.

Ether is another semi safe inhalant and you can find it in starter fluid. Keep in mind the stuff in starter fluid is not pure so use it with caution. Like with Nitrous Oxide the high is short lived but intense.

Other Inhalants
Another way to get high is off of other aerosals such as keyboard duster and spray paint. Model glue and gasoline are 2 other examples. This method of getting high is incredibly dangerous and can kill you the first time you do it. It can also lead to permanent brain damage if used often.

Codeine is an opiate found in some cough syrups and is also used as a painkiller. In America it is prescription only but in some country’s like Canada it is sold over the counter.

If you are underage and can’t by alcohol you can either get a friend to buy it for you or shoplift it. You can also use things such as vanilla or peppermint extract which you should have no problem buying or stealing from the grocery store.



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