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How to Properly Gut and Clean a Deer

Since hunting season isn’t to far away I’m going to write this guide to teach you how to properly gut and clean a Deer after you kill it. Then how to properly age it for the best results.


Field dressing is the first step to take after you’ve killed your deer. This procces involves removing any of of digestive fluids and blood that may have been caused to seep out by the gun shot. It also involves removing the organs which will deteriorate pretty quickly. If you can hang it upside down first that will make this process much easier and will allow the blood to drain out better. What you want to do first is roll the deer over so the belly is exposed. Then using a sharp blade you want to make a cut down the center of the deer from the beginning of the neck down to the tail end of the Deer. After you do this take a knife and cut around the anus of the deer carefully so that it comes free with the intestines still attached. At this point the intestines and stomach should be removed. After you do this take your knife and cut around the Deer’s diaphragm and split the breast bone. Once you do this remove the lungs and the heart. I recommend saving the hear it tastes excellent. If you haven’t by now hang it upside down to allow all of the blood to drain from the body. Always remember to remove the area that has been hit by the bullet you don’t want to poison yourself.


This step isn’t absolutely necessary but it is recommended if your able to. It will make the quality of the venison much better. To do this you want to hang the deer in a dry place with a temperature of about 40 degrees farenheit. Let it sit for about 5 days for the best result.


The most convenient way to do this is to take it to a trained butcher for best result’s. If you choose not to do this the picture below should help you out. The Rounds, Tenderloins, Loins, Ribs, Stew Meat and Ground Meat for Sausage and Burger. The heart and liver is also very good.

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