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Super-toned personal trainer who lost almost five stone reveals 10 secrets behind her weight loss

A super-toned personal trainer who lost nearly five stone reveals ten secrets behind her weight loss.

Melissa Morley decided to make a change as she completed her degree, going from a size 16-8 to a size 8-10.

Melissa, from Mayo, Republic of Ireland, has detailed her secret plan for losing weight and keeping it off two years after shedding 4.7 stone in her final year of college.

By devising her own meal and exercise plan, Mayo girl Melissa decided to make a change as she completed her degree, going from a size 16-8 to a size 8-10. has since qualified as a personal trainer, the Irish Mirror reports.

The Kiltimagh woman now inspires thousands with her Morley’s Motivation fitness blog and as the Irish population attempts to make a change in 2016, Melissa has shared her ten golden rules to weight loss.

And inspirational Melissa is offering to devise 30 day shred plans in return for a small donation to charity Aware as she looks to get 2016 off to a positive start for her followers.

Here’s her top tips to shedding the pounds and maintaining your weight loss:

1. Mind over matter

The reason this is step number one is because the secret to any successful health journey is your mental attitude. You have to have that moment where something clicks in your head.

You have to want it more than anything in the world, Because if you don’t at the first hurdle you will doubt yourself, fall and will have to start again! I can give you all the tips in the world but if you are not mentally ready to change your lifestyle then you wont be able to physically change it.

2. Take photographs of your weight loss journey

So you’ve reached your rock bottom and you’re ready to change! Now what? PHOTO, PHOTOS AND MORE PHOTOS!

My body changed so much and it took my mind a while to catch up! I still believed i was overweight and couldn’t see what ever one else saw!

I went through all my old photos – I kept them everywhere, on my screensaver on my phone, on my fridge, on the wall, everywhere and slowly as the weeks went on I began taking new ones and putting them alongside the old one to prove it was working.

This is great for the weeks the scales might not budge and you feel disheartened. Look back at how far you’ve come and keep going until you have a progress photo you’re proud of.

3. Set mini goals

I always say to anyone – ‘you didn’t put that weight on in a day so you won’t lose it in a day’. If you have the outlook that you’re going to lose all the weight immediately then you won’t get too far.

You need to set out small goals and reach them, and when you reach all your small goals the bigger goal will take care of itself.

4. Healthy food swaps

Start swapping some bad habits for new ones – you will want to ease yourself into a new lifestyle and not completely shock the system. By doing so your body will get used to a nice gradual change and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on any of your favourite foods!

5. Meal preparation

One of the things I really found to have a massive impact on my weight loss was meal prep!

This means prepping meals in advance, usually two or three days before you need them so that when you’re starving, you have something to hand that just takes minutes to cook.

This was so handy for when I was rushing around during my final year in college with a thesis, boxing, assignments and a job to keep up with! Stock up on good Tupperware and keep snacks at the ready whether it be fruit, vegetables or a yogurt – get organised in the kitchen and it will pay off.

6. Grab a buddy

You’re far more likely to stick to a plan if you have someone else to do it with. Grab one of the girls, your sister, a work buddy and set a time to meet.

Starting off with walking you can always build it up to a light jog or run after a few weeks.

7. Pick a sport or workout you enjoy

If you know you hate the gym and that after two days of it you will quit – then stop.

This is your life and you have the power to choose how you spend your time. Don’t waste hours doing something you hate just because you feel its the only way to get you to your goals.

Look for any clubs or groups in your area and find your passion – you’ll meet similar people and make new friends.

8. Don’t starve yourself

If you think that you’ll lose weight by skipping meals then think again. Stick to six small meals a day with healthy carbohydrates, protein and good fats.

This will keep your blood sugar levels stable and will help those pounds melt away without being deprived.

9. Drink more water

We all need at least two litres of water a day and I always start my day with a bottle chilled overnight in the fridge.

Always keep a bottle handy and keep drinking water throughout the day – so many times hunger can be disguised as thirst without us even knowing – so stay hydrated.

10. Enjoy it

It might take six months, it might take a year or like me, 15 months but don’t stop.

Enjoy the feeling of being back in control of your body, being able to wear what you like and having more energy.

Become comfortable with your body and realise it’s your friend and not your enemy – come to terms with the fact that we are all different, we all have different shapes and different strengths so embrace your differences and enjoy the journey.

If you want to make like Melissa, you can follow her blog, Instagram or Facebook page or on Snapchat at @morleeeeeeeeeey.

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