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Vanity isn’t Fair

“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves; vanity, to what we would have others think of us.” – Jane Austen

This is honestly one of my favorite issues to spar with both women and men (very rarely, mostly male feminists) alike. The issue of Vanity is a trigger to both the unfed, thirsting male’s mind and the nurture lacking, fragile mind of a woman.

It is very interesting that the definitions of Vanity coincide how they do – with one going hand in hand with Narcissism and dealing with extreme pride or admiration of one’s self and achievements.

The other being the quality of being worthless or futile, and while not being that extreme – that is how Vanity is viewed as to any man in a position of power and influence, who has had his fair share of pussy and doesn’t let it make decisions in his life, who is not pressed for women, and has his priorities in order and knows that Money/Wealth trumps all – it still proves an important point in the states of today’s society.

Some of the most beautiful women in the world have found themselves being cheated on.

These women (sans Jennifer Anniston, I personally think she’s hideous) are all some of the top actors, singers, and models in the world.

All found themselves in a position they would never be able to fathom – with all of the money, all of the beauty, all of the fame that these women have in their life, a man still found it possible to cheat on them, to break their heart and shatter them in a way cheating on someone with that much influence and power can do.

They still found it possible, though maybe not intentional, to prove their vanity as worthless to them, that they were able to find qualities in others that the vain can’t fathom having.

So ladies, ask yourself, if a woman as beautiful and successful as any of the women above was cheated on by a man, what really makes you think that you’re anything special?

You have golden pussy? HA.
Because you’re beautiful and stunning? So are millions of other women in the world, and with the rise of things like online dating it is easier and easier to find Plates, Replacements and others of the sort.
You’re financially stable? Well if you’re with a man who is using you for your money, then you’re in a bit of a lose-lose situation aren’t you?
Oh, but he LOVES you right? Yea, the women above all thought the same thing, you see how that turned out.

You’re smart, you’re loyal, you’re funny, smart and interesting? You know how to manage your money and time wisely, you are not clingy and annoying, you know how to be strong and independent but also to cater to your man?

Well, honestly these are the qualities you need to work on the most if you want to MAINTAIN a good man.

With both women and men alike, there is always the big question that no one seems to have the answer to – I have them, now how do I keep them?


There is a common misconception with all men that a woman’s beauty is directly tied to the value she offers to your life above all other factors.

She’s annoying as fuck, the sex is really bad and she’s boring and can’t hold a conversation to save her life? Oh but it’s all cool because she’s a HB9 and you’re only a 5 right? Wrong.

This is the type of thinking that leads men down the path of orbiter status, this is why you see men trying to hard and striking out with women who have nothing going for them but appearance.

They will fall head over heels for this girl, forgetting that whoever she is there are millions of other girls in the world.

They don’t not travel or get out much and so they think that since they’ve found Polly Peacock that all other women looks like Ugly Ducklings.

They get to a point where they become so blinded by the beauty of the woman in front of them, they don’t pay attention to any signs. They don’t notice any red flags that they are not appreciated and it’s a one sided relationship, they are afraid of confrontation so they don’t ask questions about their status on terms of the women they are with.

They’d rather believe in their mind they are #1 and would be too devastated to hear otherwise, they lack dominance, have approach anxiety and a very bad case of both oneitis and a lack of Abundance Mentality.

You need to realize that with any woman in the world, there is another woman out there with the same beauty, that is more interesting, more beautiful, has better sex than the women you currently have sitting on your pedestal.

You have the skills to get her too, you just need to work on improving yourself as a man.

vanity isnt fair - she's not that into you


No….. she’s not. Truth be told, you will likely not find the “one” in the immediate vicinity of you, unless you’re one of those guys who puts pussy on a pedestal, or unless you just get lucky. But even then don’t EVER put all of your eggs in one basket, as you will find yourself on the 80 MPH highway to ruin.

This section is for the females too, as I want you to understand exactly how your vanity breaks down in the terms of life.

You spend all morning putting on makeup, choosing the best outfit to wear, making sure your hair is perfect? And why?

Because you want to be approached. Whether you know it or not, whether you will let your fragile ego admit it to yourself or not, you may say you dress nicely for yourself and to feel good about yourself, but in reality it is an extension of your vanity.

You are looking for validation in others, and these levels of validation searching can be pretty extreme – this is why you have whores and sluts, and the common “twitter females” who think that men are the scum of the earth and all they ever do is cheat on women, lie and break hearts because of their own personal experiences.

These are usually the women who either didn’t have a strong female role model in their life, or their father never taught them how a man should treat them.

They’ve learned all of their relationship/men and worldly views from movies like Titanic and The Notebook, they see too much mushy bullshit on Twitter and Facebook and think that that’s how their love life is actually going to turn out.

New Flash: It wont.

Your vanity will likely be your downfall, you will spend so much time on improving your physical appearance that you will let yourself fail in other areas of your personality and character that are important.

This is the reason why men are less willing to take women on dates, to put time in, why more men are simply looking to fuck and aren’t interested in a  relationship.

Along with the increased prominence of boring women who demand shit like $200 Dates but can’t hold a 20 second conversation, there is a host of men willing to do some stupid shit like this because she’s “The most beautiful woman you ever laid eyes on, and you’ll never find any other like her”.

News Flash #2: You’re being a simp, a beta (and I’m starting to hate the terms of TRP but this applies tremendously here) cuck and you will never get anywhere in life placing women on a pedestal higher than you put the other values in your life.

Above your own self confidence, your own value to yourself, your wealth and your mental health.

If she’s the most important thing to you and you lose her, what will you ever do in life.

VANITY ISN’T FAIR – Conclusion

You should never find yourself to the point of taking a woman on a date because you want pussy.

In fact, if you are directly spending money on a woman JUST for pussy, this is an identifier of two important things –

  1. You don’t value her like you should, you are literally equating her to a hooker – the only difference is hookers get paid directly and there is a guarantee of sex, whereas you’re spending all this money wining and dining her only for her to kiss you on the cheek at the end of the night.
  2. You don’t value yourself like you should. I can understand gaming women and that’s different, although I would still never take a woman on a date for this purpose, but if you’re spending a host of money to court a woman who still has barely shown an interest in you, you need to re-evaluate your own confidence and self worth.

I would never find myself going on a date with a woman unless I have known her for a while and am genuinely interested in taking things to the next step and connecting with her on a deeper, intellectual level that sex can’t provide (which is why I haven’t been on many dates, not many women are worth it nowadays).

If you ever find yourself actually considering and even worse leaning towards doing things that could detrimentally impact your present or future over a woman (and this is true towards men as well ladies) run, very quickly.

You are doing no favors to yourself putting your life on hold because the vanity of another quenches your thirst.

For instance, in my early college years there was this one girl I almost caught oneitis for. I’ve never found myself in a situation where I put a women above my other worldly pursuits, but I was almost there in terms of everything but money.

She was smart, she was cute and funny, she had a great personality and I loved being around/talking to her. I almost found myself about to stay an extra year at a university I hated, with people that I REALLY didn’t like just to attempt (READ: ATTEMPT, I didn’t even have her on second rung of The Lust Ladder yet and I already felt entitled) to win her over.

These were the days before I found the Red Pill, but even without having that knowledge after spending a whole summer without as much as getting her to spend the night with me, I started to realize I was the monkey chasing the banana hanging from the branch attached to his head.

This is the same situation many of you men find yourselves in.

You chase after her for her beauty, you think because of your lack of success with women, “If a girl this gorgeous will actually even TALK to me, I can’t let her go!”

Get rid of this notion. This will only make you get to the point of being creepy, of being clingy, of being seen as the one who couldn’t get it through their head that the relationship they thought it was, wasn’t.

On the other hand women, you need to understand that being vain doesn’t last, and your vanity will not carry you everywhere in life. You need to be interesting, you need to be able to hold a conversation and a man’s attention, you want to be wined and dined but ask yourself – do you really deserve it?

Of course you’ll say yes because you’re vain and you believe that you are someone special all because you’ve been told countless times how cute, how sexy, how stunning you are, but ask yourself what do you really have to bring to the table other than a pretty face and an iPhone with 40 unread texts?


In 60 years when all that beauty turns into a mass of wrinkles and aged skin, what will you have to carry you in your relationships then?

When you go out on a date, will you have anything interesting or charming to add to the conversation? Or will you attempt to let the man lead the conversation only to find yourself throwing the blame his way when you had nothing interesting to contribute.

When you have conversations with men, do you expect to blind them with your stunning beauty? Or are you an intelligent woman who actually uses her brains, cunning and intellect to guide her through the narrow passageways of life, who uses logic and reason rather than emotion and feelings to come to decisions?

For men, are you the type of man who isn’t confident enough in himself to assure himself that the woman who he thinks is the goddess Athena is really just a Siren who has him under her spell?

Do you honestly think that you will find happiness and comfort with a women who you have no positive notions towards other than her attractiveness?

Vanity isn’t fair to either men or women: For men it creates unrealistic ideals of what the perfect women should look like, and the extent of character stops at outward appearance.

For women, it creates a sensation of wanting to focus on beauty above all (and usually only beauty) and while I am not saying this is wrong or should not be focused on, you should place priority on building other aspects of your character – so you are not looked at as a boring, vain shell of what a women should be.

via : Aedonis Bravo Presents: Unlock Your Bravado