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Watch graphic moment Dr Pimple Popper squeezes large BLOOD CLOT out of bulge in man’s elbow

This graphic footage shows the moment a large blood clot was squeezed out of a bulge in a man’s elbow, before being cut off.

The film, posted on YouTube by Dr Sandra Lee AKA ‘Pimple Popper’, is certainly not for the faint hearted.

It begins by showing a strange bump on the unidentified man’s arm ahead of surgery.

Bump: The bump was initially thought to be a cyst

Operation: The blood clot was popped out of the hole

Pictures: Instagram: @drpimplepopper

It then cuts to a shot of the surgeon making an incision over the bulge and then squeezing until a bizarre-looking black grape-like ball pops out.

The surgeon is initially confused by what the object is, but eventually suggests it may be a blood clot.

The patient happily chat with the doctor as the surgery is being performed.

The footage ends with the ‘clot’ being viewed under a microscope, before panning to a shot of the man’s healed wound three weeks after surgery.

via : dailyrecord – Health