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What if humans are sperm’s way of reproducing?

A mind-blowing perspective? Well, not exactly, Dawkins wants people to look at life and evolution. A person, or a chicken or whatever organism, is an organic “machine” built by DNA in order to replicate more of itself. So, Dawkins thought it first, but it’s an interesting perspective.


Well, I don’t really have more to add, just need to inform our humble and rare and nonexistent readers that we’re indeed moving on with things and upgrading our backend and shizzle. We’re looking for writers who want to promote their work, want to share their thoughts and just want some place to brag about their e-penis size, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have a voice we want to hear it, so join the forums or contact me and I will let you run wild and do whatever you like, well not really but I will offer you some good incentives.


Also, RIP to the lost souls of the shot down flight MH17, whoever took it out was a cruel bastard. It’s just a sad day.



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