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You’ll Never Get Rich Working For Someone Else

You’ll never get rich working for someone else. Maybe if you get a nice job working at boeing you’ll become well off, but not rich. Not rich at all. The thing is this is the only way to become wealthy in a capitalistic society is to start a company, and have that company succeed.

I have been observing the world for the past five years, and I have come to some conclusions.

1) The general population is fucking stupid.
2) There is lots of money to be made in junk, and on the internet.
3) People buy stuff they think is “awesome”, and I have a good idea as to what “awesome” is in the demographic I’m targeting.
4) Those that give up on their childhood dreams get a 9-5 job and struggle to get by, retire at 65, die 10 years later.
5) Most people live lives they cannot afford. In America you have $40,000 a year families living in huge homes, buying plasma TVs and nice cars. Then they wonder why they are 20, 30k in debt.

I for one do not plan on going into crushing debt, and if I can only afford to live in a bus so be it. I’ll gladly buy a schoolbus, rip out the seats put in a wood stove and furnish it rather than getting a home with a crushing mortgage. I say this because there are certain things you must know to succeed in this world.

1) Learn to make things.
2) Observe others, notice their shortfalls, use them to your advantage.
3) Never give up on your childhood dreams. Those that pursue them are those that succeed.
4) College teaches you how to work for others. It puts you in massive debt, and you must pay it back by… working for others.
5) Do not give a flying fuck about other peoples’ opinions on you. If you do, you’ll conform to society; conforming to all those people that live under debt with no hopes of succeeding in the future.

Heed my advice.

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