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Roll a Cross Joint

Cross Joints

What you need:
* You will need four or five rolling papers of your choice. Two will be used for just the sticky strip.
* Then a small pointy object.
* A pair of scissors.
* A Lighter.
* A Couple of grams of your smoking mixture (Shisha, Tobacco)

How to make:

*Break up your weed (add tobacco if you wish)

*Split your weed into two of your rolling papers. One of your joints should be significantly larger than the other because it will need to stay together when a hole is poked through it. I usually make my bigger joint into more of a cone shaped joint so the one end is much bigger then a regular joint.

*Poke a hole into your fat joint somewhere in between the middle of the joint and the (fat) end of it. It should be a big enough hole so the littler joint just fits through it. You then want to poke a little hole in the second smaller joint so the smoke from it can come in through the middle of the joint.

*Insert the little joint into the hole of the bigger joint. You want to have just about the same length for each part of the joint that you are going to be lighting (the three points) because you don’t want one end to burn a shorter distance and have the other two ends of the joint to just fall off when it burns the middle point where the 3 ends should meet.

*You now want to take the other 2 rolling papers and cut off the glue strips with your scissors. Take them and wrap them around the cross diagonally so they can seal up any little holes that can make it harder to puff on the joint. You should end up with an X pattern made by the 2 strips on both sides of your cross joint.

Now you’re ready to smoke the cross joint. Light all 3 ends simultaneously (you might need a friend to help you) and then smoke it up. IMO the cross joint isn’t any better then smoking 2 regular joints and it’s kind of a waste of money and weed but it’s definitely an experience to smoke one and you feel like Jesus when you do.

Happy smoking.

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