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  • Im glad to see it works out for you. My ganja is to damn good to be mixing brown shit in it.
  • There is nothing you can do about it. You don't bring something into someones house that you know they are not cool with. You're an adult now, you should be aware of this. The people you are talking about actually sound pretty cool. Yeah, they broke your bong, but they forgave you as well. Stop disrespecting their home and…
  • I think you should go ahead and do it. Just make sure you record it and let us see.;)
  • Nope. If you roll it right you don't need a filter. I've also heard of people mixing tobacco with their weed. Never did that shit either. If you're rolling up a blunt or joint you're wasting the weed anyways. Bowls, bongs, and vaporizers are the way to go.
  • If you're gay and you live in San Fransisco you probably will get aids. MDMA is better.
  • If you can manage to stop for a few weeks, then you probably didn't have much of a tolerance anyways. I drink everyday. Sometimes I'll drink a few beers and not even catch a buzz. I don't feel anything until I start to get drunk.
  • Just picked that up a few days ago, and was pretty impressed. I'm not a huge guinness fan, but they made this one right. I decided to buy one of my go-to beers sierra nevada pale ale. It's one of the better pale ales I like. Happy drinking.:D
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  • That sucks. I've ordered spore prints online with no problems. I was hoping that out of all the websites selling seeds, at least a few of them would be legit.
  • I'll make sure I put :rolleyes: after my post next time, so you can get the hint of sarcasm. So what's up op? Any luck on staying up?
  • I think I might still have a couple dvd's somewhere...Having a porn collection is useless. Once you watch the movie a couple of times it gets old, and looses its purpose. Free streaming porn is the way to go. You never have to jack it to the same video twice. ;)
  • I don't think anyone here believes that sleep deprivation is the next step to human evolution...kid.
  • Samuel Smith is hands down my favorite import brewery I have tried. Everything that I have tried from them is great. I haven't seen any of the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti at the beer store, but if I do I will definitely give it a try. Russian Imperial Stouts are my favorite. I just picked up an interesting double pale ale.…
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  • Me fucking two girls, and then they clean my house and make me dinner. For free.
  • That shit is every where here. Tobacco shops keep popping up like Mcdonalds and they are all selling it. They passed a law prohibiting 5 of the cannabinoids used to make it, and they just started selling new products with different cannabinoids that do the same shit. There are some "insense" that are so strong, kids are…
  • Good luck evolving. I like sleep to damn much to do the same.
  • A few recommendations, Russian Imperial Stout: IPA: Brown IPA: Strong ale: Lager: Amber/Red Ale:…
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  • I agree with almost everything except the part about women not liking sex. I can see the point your trying to make, but it's still bullshit. Women do like sex. Women also masturbate. They have needs just like we do. I suppose you also do not believe in women having orgasms. :rolleyes:
  • Just address the guy right in front of your girl. No need to show your ass and play your music loud. Walk right up to him like you have nuts in your scrotum, and tell him too piss off. If your girl has a problem, she can piss off too. They are both dis-respecting you. Learn to respect yourself and don't let people walk on…
  • Wow. That was interesting. Sucks they are getting so much publicity...
  • Some women might like the idea of it being your first time. You don't have to lie to yourself.
  • :thumbsup: Too bad it's just part of the video.
  • Because we live in the year 2011. If it were 2003 than this might be relevant news. Google is your friend. Use it.
  • Start a cult and have your believers drink your piss while on mdma. Call it spiritual enlightenment. :)
  • Jeeee neva thought bout it like that bo. I thought I was being sarcastic...:eek:
  • For now ;) Hate to be so damn average. 22
  • Could they really even prove that it was in fact a cannabis leaf? There's a lot of plants out there that look like cannabis.
  • Go somewhere with very positive vibes. You will feel connected and have a great time. Don't hang around anyone that might bring you down. This will annoy the shit out of you, and change the way you look at that person. Btw, I love listening to rob zombie while rolling, so if you're into that kind of music give it a shot.…
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  • Yeah you are right!!! I am such an ass. I can't believe that I said that it was sick to jack it to the vid. Who doesn't like a trailer trash honky tonk girl getting rammed by an old ugly fucker while shes crying? I got off like 10 times in 2 minutes. :eek: I fucking love watching dirty whores getting fucked by older family…
  • I can't believe I even watched this video... First off, it sucks. Wasn't hot at the beginning or the end. The chick getting abused was do-able but I would much rather jack it to something else. The sick thing is some of you people oiut there are getting off on this shit.
  • Florida has the best prices for regs, and mids hands down. 70 an ounce for shit I could sell for 40 a quarter in NC. Crippy is 20 a g but well worth the price. NC dro is shit and headies is like standard crippy in FL. Man I miss living in Florida.:(
  • Reverse cowgirl on the couch. My wife has a really nice ass. :)
  • Varies a lot from person to person. Avoid binge drinking, and keep your priorities straight.
  • Wow, Daguru pretty much nailed it shut. You are either a man or a young man, and you should act like one. Don't let petty shit like that bother you. I would have laughed that shit off and looked at her stupid for lying about something so insignificant. Also, you sound like you have a fun girlfriend. You should take…
  • You're hydrated and full of vitamin b. Also, alcohol makes some people wake up early and not be able to go back to sleep. Be thankful. ;) :thumbsup:
  • I moan, but don't really like to talk much. I do sometimes if she's into it but would rather not. I'm in the zone when I have sex. The only thing on my mind at that time is sex, and how good it feels. If she sucks, I close my eyes and pretend like it's someone else. :D
  • Nothing special for me. Almost kicked someones ass the last time I went to a bar. I saved a young drunk girl from going to Vegas with some old creepy dude once also. Got hit on by someone over twice my age...That's all I can think of. I'm a happy drunk.:hai:
  • I tried some wild shrooms from a cow field years ago and had similar results. The best shrooms are grown in indoors with high quality strains. Sounds like you had a good night though. When I took them I didn't let them dry all the way because I'm impatient, and they tasted like ass. Even more like ass then usual. Just…
  • Yeah, kind of like when a bowl is cashed out. I was talking about the beat hit on a vaporizer though. I used a hot box. It was a tube with a glass piece at the end where you packed the weed. Then there was a box that heated a small piece of glass, and you put the piece of glass with the weed in it against the other piece…
  • Same here. I've known about it for a while, but I just never really felt like going through the trouble. Plus, I don't like the smell of smoke in the house. I used to have a vaporizer. That thing would get you stoned on just a pinch of weed. Tasted good too. The beat hits taste like burnt popcorn though.
  • I don't have problems with drugs, I have solutions.:p
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  • They would have to pay me a 6 figure salary to work at a place like that. Jesus, the line looks like it's leading to Motley Crew concert. :eek: I'll just grab a cheesy double decker taco for 89 cents.
  • Ha! Owned. I don't even know this girl and I like her. :thumbsup:
  • I'd also like to add for all the beer lovers here; Rogue Shakespear Stout, Dogfishhead Indian Brown Ale, and Stone Ruination IPA are some of my favorites. I highly recommend the Shakespear Stout for anyone that hasn't tried it. has reviews for just about every beer out there, and most of the reviews are…
  • Can't say that I've ever been raped before. Although if she was hot that would be very sexy. :) Point is, don't drink to much while on xanax, unless you want to have complete memory loss. Some memories are better lost lost though.;) Also, familyguy is a name I adopted because I'm married and have a kid now. The…
  • If I'm fapping I don't really give a shit where it goes as long as it doesn't hit me in the face. Otherwise I either bust inside (no birth control:angry::angry::angry:) or somewhere away from her vagina. I really would like to do it money shot style but most women aren't into that. :confused:
  • mmm alcohol and benzos. You may think that memory loss is a bad thing. When you wake up to a 200+ pound fugly women in a beat up motel, you will think otherwise. Not that it happened to me...;)
  • If your ever in any doubt about mdma, then it isn't mdma. Pure and simple. Dealers go to great lengths to try and mimic the effects of mdma. They get away with it because a lot of people out there have never tried the real shit, and whenever they get decent shit that isn't cut to hell, they call it "mollies". :facepalm:…
  • I drink everyday but I don't get drunk. My drink of preference is beer. I brew my own beer, and I also support some of the micro-breweries in my area. There is nothing like coming home and pouring yourself a draft of home-made beer. Last night I only drank one beer before I went to bed. Sometimes I drink more. The thing…
  • I'm not really sure how old she was. All I know is we met at a playground, and swung on the swings together. She was into role-play though. Kept calling me daddy. :D:D:D :facepalm: