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Dear Diary

Last night was exceptional; I had an amazing time going through my favorite pages. Some of the stories I wrote in the past were deep and meaningful & the hand drawn illustrations really helped. I am surprised how long we have been doing this, having this emotional and physical connection. Most people just write their thoughts and move on but we, we do something much more fun.

I remember when we discovered this playful thing. We were both young, I was in my teens while you were just a freshly purchased diary with sweet scented papers and a soft leather cover and don’t forget the light blue string. I remember writing my first entry about bra sizes, my first time illustrations were a disaster, didn’t really have a clue what breasts felt and looked like. I drew them long and pointed; I guess I was trying to draw goat mammary glands instead of girl’s tits. Plus it didn’t help I was obsessed with rockets.

But we improved, oh we did. I have visited my high school crush conceptual drawings a thousand times, the curves that I captured on paper were accurate and precise and artistic at the same time. I not only captured her physical appearance but I did some modifications to her vitals areas, enhancing her look and pretty much giving her a boob job on paper. Although in real life it would be hard for any women to walk with those cannons. Remember I drew them pointy; she was a cross between a camel hump & a USS Destroyer+ NASA Space Rockets.

Apart from that, we did have our secret moments, I hope you remember that time when I started wearing bras on my butt cheeks; I had this insane idea that if you wear a padded bra on your rear end it will prevent it from sagging & it will provide much needed cushion. I am glad no one found about this little experiment & considering we ripped that page off and ate it, I am sure no one can possibly know about it.

But let’s talk about us; we both have been through some difficult times, from the time my family members found you in my bed while I was naked to the time they found out about the hidden box where I placed you. I fought long and hard for you every single day. I am thankful that you kept your mouth shut about it, although that big lock and chain helped a little bit.

After 8 solid years our relationship is going strong, I did poke left and right with other diaries but nothing comes close to your feel, those soft papers that wrap around me and cuddle my wee-wee while I slowly built momentum, you can’t do that with new papers. They just rip off in an instant, I will admit that during our passionate love making session I did went out of control and hurt you but I did fix those pages with some love and massive amounts of glue and tape.

But alas the pages are getting filled and I can’t go on like this, sometime in the future we have to depart, you’re losing your figure and if I keep doing this, I fear I might hurt you even more. It’s a unique relationship we have with each other, we share, we fuck and we love each other like no other. We’re the perfect soul mates.

So, tonight would be our last time. I need to leave you, I need to outgrow you. I found this perfect sheep that satisfies my need in a more direct manner, I will still write on you but we can’t have any more love sessions. I guess I have to friend zone you from now on, please don’t cry, I know it’s hard to digest even though I am writing this on you but you’re getting old and wrinkled, your papers are drying up and even with some generous lubing, the pages stick and the cover is all torn. I know it’s for the best. I have a feeling that someday we will meet again in a different setting but I have to let you go.

If it helps, it wasn’t your fault. It’s just me and the society that doesn’t understand the love and passion we share. They don’t know it means to really love your diary; they have no clue of what it feels like waking up next to you while holding you tight. They don’t know what it means to really kiss someone. What we have was amazing and I will never forget it.

Dear diary, you been a perfect friend, lover and something I can never truly replace. Thanks for everything and just to show I care, I am writing the last sentence with my love potion. Take care my beloved, I will always love you.

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