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Editorial Blog #5: Get in Line, Maggots!

There’s a few issues I’d like to discuss in this weeks blog entry, but in regular fashion I think I’ll kick things off with my thoughts on how things are progressing on Totse. This week has seen a LOT of hard work being poured into the CMS, and although it might not be anything the general public can see from their point of view, it all involves working with Drupal’s SEO options to boost page views and traffic counts. During this past week, I’ve been going through as many articles as possible and adding some SEO improvements to them. I won’t go into great detail as I know it’s not something Dfg enjoys discussing, but my plan is to cover as many articles as possible, as this will help Totse get as much traffic as it possibly can. New articles will have the tags added as they’re published, so if you submit something for the CMS then rest assured that I’ll cover the backend of it all. When I don’t have anything to add to the CMS, I’ll be going through recent articles and filling in the blanks.

I just added a new article to the CMS actually – RemadE’s guide on Rectally Administering Morphine. Reading through this guide actually made me very glad to have met this guy, even if he’s nothing more than an online identity. It’s good to have this type of person at Totse, as we are a literal bank of knowledge on subjects which you wouldn’t believe. Rectal Morphine administration being one of them! Props to you for writing this and submitting it in such a good fashion, all nice and formatted for me to add into the CMS!

On the Forums…

This week on the forums have been a little slow again, and I think I know exactly why. Not everyone is actually chipping in, pulling their weight and helping out to the best of their abilities. I’m not saying that people CAN’T do it, but I’m saying that we need a sense of direction so that people know exactly what they should be doing. I propose that all staff members actually have jobs to carry out each week, and possibly a quota to meet so that they are constantly doing their part for the website. If someone refuses to do such a thing then it’s pretty obvious they’re not that dedicated in the first place, and don’t really deserve that mod spot which they earned. I’m not sure what we can set for jobs, but I made a thread about it here so if anyone has any ideas, please submit them.

We need to stop talking about things, and actually get them DONE. We need to come together as a staff-team, and discuss things which need to be discussed, moderation roles being one of them. If people have a goal to reach each week, we’ll find that Totse has more of a direction altogether and there will be a much more consistent flow of discussion and information!

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