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How to Use IRC for Book Downloads

I’m always surprised how many people don’t know how to do this.

you will need:

1) An Irc client – I think Xchat is good. (also works on Linux)
2) If you are reading this, you already have everything else.

What to do:

1)Install and run Xchat
2) A box will come up asking you to pick a name + other self explanatory things.
If no box comes up go to Xchat > Network list

3) In that same box – you can select a network. select UnderNet and press Connect.

you will be greeted with a bunch of text – this is the server and the client establishing a connection. Once connected, another window pops up asking you to select a channel. close it, we will do it manually.

4) At the bottom of the main window there is an input bar (next to your nick). In that type in: /JOIN #bookz (followed by the enter key)
This will connect you to the the channel #bookz – you can now search for books.

5) To search for books type in: @search <book keyword> for example: @search rowling or @search harry potter (or any combination).

for the sake of this tutorial we will search for harry potter:

i type in: @search harry potter After a few seconds I am asked if i want to download something called SearchBot_results_for_harry_potter.txt.zip or similar. Accept it and open it, you will find a txt file also open that.

Then contents of the txt file are similar to this (but much larger)

!BlueMeenie Rowling, JK - Harry Potter 4 - The Goblet of Fire (Done).rar  ::INFO:: 252Kb

!BlueMeenie The Harry Potter Encyclopedia.rar  ::INFO:: 13Kb

!dazaris Harry.Potter.And.The.Deathly.Hallows.eBook-iNTENSITY.pdf	---- 1.74 MB

!dazaris J_K_Rowling_-_[Harry_Potter_1]_-_Harry_Potter_And_The_Sorcerer's_Stone_(V2.1)_[rtf].rar	- 142.2 KB

6) find a title that you want and copy the file name from the ! to the extension, for example:

!BlueMeenie Rowling, JK – Harry Potter 4 – The Goblet of Fire (Done).rar
!dazaris Harry.Potter.And.The.Deathly.Hallows.eBook-iNTENSITY.pdf

7) paste what you have copied into the chat input box (one at a time) over at the #bookz main channel (not a private chat) and press enter.

You will then be prompted t download the book(s).

possible hiccups.
I) Sometimes when connecting an error message shows with the phrase:
*** Ident broken or disabled, to continue to connect you must type /QUOTE PASS 94202
Self explanatory copy /QUOTE PASS 94202 and paste it in the input box
II) Can’t connect to #bookz.
try #ebooks
III) can’t connect to either
Something is up with your ports. Is a firewall blocking something it shouldn’t?


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