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Seeing Red: Part I – Relationship Overview

DISCLAIMER: In various part of this post, it may seem like I am advocating either a constant stream or long term relationships, or advocating against such at all. Neither is the case, the point of this post is to expand on the beliefs and views of being in a long term relationship nowadays, and red flags to look for when potentially entering or considering entering one.

An earlier stated mantra of this blog is my belief in being “anti-long term relationships” especially in modern society, unless the partner is of suitable status and meets my needs both physically and emotionally (and no, I don’t mean shit like love or some faggot shit like that, I have yet to/am unable to feel that type of compassion for a person), however the above has been often misconstrued and misinterpreted. I do however, think it is possible to identify those women which are of superior quality to yourself personally, and court them for a relationship (and actual value I mean, not just how she looks or how good you think she fucks). I’ve often had to have the discussion of “what are we?” with women, and they haven’t always been too pleased with my initial answer, especially depending on their distinction in my mind, but in the end it’s always worked out in my favor. Largely one of the key helping points in my case has always been my honesty towards women (to a certain degree). As long as it’s not anything that can be used against me

The distinction with a woman between making her a plate, and the possibility of more is above all an internal thing, and it’s not something that can be taught, learned or acquired. No matter how much blog posts or books you read, podcasts you watch or other girls you fuck, there is one thing about men that most of the internet pick up artists will try to either deny or get you to try to disable as part of your psyche for success, your “feelings”.

Yes, I know be reading this thinking “I don’t catch feelings Jordan. Through all my red pill readings, experiences and conditioning of my mind that all bitches are toys fucked with and disposed, they always taught me don’t catch feelings. Feelings are for pussies, catching feelings will leave you heartbroken,” and the like. While some of the above mentioned may be true, especially depending on who you are, the fact of the matter remains – it happens. All men have found themselves in the presence of a beautiful girl, but it was something past their beauty that encapsulated you, it may have been her personality or sense of Bravado and confidence that attracted you, it may be a physical thing that you feel is unique, it may be her conversation, whatever the like the fact of the matter is – it’s going to happen.

When it does, the difference between being a Pussy and being Powerful?

Your method of handling your feelings.

You can encounter such an attraction, but you cannot let it control you (as a lot of people do going overboard trying to impress and woo women). You cannot let your beta feelings make you make bad decisions or embarrass yourself, however you must not let your Alpha sense of Manliness be overtly aggressive and arrogant and scare her away.

You can show her your attraction without letting it come off as you being overly into her. If you have feelings/thoughts for a woman for interaction with her past using her as a throwaway, than you can use a keen mix of both Alpha and less-than-such (I wont go as far as to say beta, caring might be more of a better word) tendencies to both get and maintain her.

Alpha is how you are in public – both with and without her.
Alpha is how you are when you get back to the room and dominate her with fucking amazing sex.
Alpha is when she’s trying to play mind games and shit test you, and you read right through all the bullshit, notice every body language indicator and come out the winner of the mental chess game.
Alpha is when you’re out with her and you see a guy trying to hit on her, and you utter a laugh because you already know you’ve got her locked down tight, she’s got a chastity belt on and your cock is the key.

The thing I’ve always noticed about PUA communities is this – they’re very…. sort of… mildly effective at teaching you how to get the girl (depending on varying factors such as age, race, physical stature and things of the like which actually do matter a lot) – but how many of them teach you how to keep her?

Answer? Rarely any.

I’ve yet to see this because their whole focus is on fucking the most women (and it’s always of a particular niche too, I’ve yet to see any honestly that have shown diversity in their sales pitch photos with women), whatever happens after sex doesn’t matter to them. Most of them don’t even advise you to continue interaction with a woman after sex – they’ll tell you hit her with the “cock-and-block”.

I personally think part of this boils down to their own insecurities (which most of them have some sad sob story about how they were constantly rejected when they were younger, as were a lot of people)and translates as them having Abundance Mentality but not in all of the correct frames. They can use it when it comes to sleeping with women, but not with courting them.

They’re of the mindset that long term relationships are strictly to be avoided, and this all boils down to two main parts of their psyche:

  • They can get any women, when they want because of their experience in the pick up game.
  • There is no point in attempting such, because in the end all women are going to fuck you over. 

Abundance Mentality does not exist with them in terms of relationships clearly, after heartbreak that possibility was out of the window. Such is possible and though modern society may find itself unfit for such, there are still women out there that are able to be courted and you should be able to trust – to a limited extent. I say this to bring up an important point with the whole theme of this post – Abundance Mentality is important here, as you must not put all your eggs in one basket as to avoid certain heartbreak. I do not mean this as constant cheating or having side bitches, however I’ve always found it beneficial in the end to have female friends that you have an understanding with that the flood gates are open once you’re single.

This ties in with the mindset of Bravado, as in your daily interaction you will turn heads and emit stares are your appearance, confidence and swagger impresses those around you. As such, you will have various women interested in you, and contrary to popular belief – being in a relationship makes you more attractive. You ever heard the saying “you always want what you can’t have?” It’s a psychological thing, and it manifests itself in such situations, especially if you are faithful but still have the aforementioned understanding, and all of this in turns makes you more attractive and appealing.

It especially depends on your intentions with the girl, as you can sometimes find yourself with said feelings but aren’t interested in anything but sex – it all depends on your mindset and the point you’re at in life. You may not be ready for a relationship or anything of the sort at the moment, but realize that she does have said potential to go there after a while. This is fine, contrary to other beliefs you do not have to throw her away like a disposable plate the moment you fuck her.

However, you must be able to identify the difference between a Styrofoam plate and Fine China.

To do so, you must be able to identify the red flags that will manifest during the “talking stage” of your interaction – and while many people will advise against it, if you want to take her serious this is necessary. This is the stage where you find out the most about each other, how you act around each other and if you would be good for each other once you involve serious feelings and romance into play.

Stay tuned for Part II, where I identify the red flags to look for when trying to distinguish between Styrofoam Plate and Fine China, including body language cues, mindset cues, and the difference between what she’s saying and actually meaning.