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How to Survive a Street Fight

Life is a game of Control. This Control is necessary in a Street Fight, both with other people – and life in general.

Winning is mental chess – with the way society is now you gotta stay 3 steps ahead of the game or else you risk being pushed 7 steps back.

Men are being feminized and effeminated everyday in attempts to discourage Masculinity in men.

Strong, no-bullshit, role model-like men are being shunned in favor of the new crowd of Feminized, unstable men who are “in touch with their emotions” and the other bullshit that women try to tell you about how to be men.

But with the increasingly feminized society, the rising prominence of the internet and social media, and the decrease in face-to-face interaction, there is a new realization that’s coming to light.

Many of the internet’s biggest shit talkers, twitter fingers itching every hour of the day, don’t know How to Survive a Street Fight in life.

There are many that do, you have Twitter and Instagram pages dedicated to showing off street fights, usually between young black men (Who are also the main ones committing murder against each other in this country, unfortunately) and women who record and show off these fights for infamy and internet validation.

But whether you’re Floyd Mayweather or Adrien Broner when life comes at you it’s just as much of a chess game as it is a street fight, and you may have the same dilemma people face today – like a lot of other people in the world, you don’t know How to Survive the Street Fight OF Life either.

That’s why they spend so much time on the internet arguing instead of doing something productive with their life.

That being said I will admit I do tend to antagonize people on Twitter from time to time, but I find it funny. You’ll rarely, if ever catch me angrily debating someone – because it’s just the internet, at any time I can unplug and go live a real life, a luxury everyone enjoys but doesn’t know how to harness.

But surviving the Street Fight of Life is an entirely different thing, truly a test of how you play the game…. and the worst part is, every morning as soon as your eyes open, the world is already swinging.

They say every action has a reaction, and the way you react to the punches thrown at you by life will determine whether you win the fight, or end up pummeled by the strength of fate.

As soon as you wake up you have decisions to make, things to do, people you have to see – and it’s no guarantee you can get everything done entirely to your satisfactions. Life often has different plans for you, ill-fated distractions seemingly based on fate and some type of cosmic force to ruin your day and sidetrack you.

These types of things happen to everyone, you aren’t alone – the people you see around you everyday you are alive are having fights of their own, no one is immune from the carnage.

You may not be able to see it, but the battle has begun for you everyday you wake up since you gold old enough to make your own educated, rationally formed, logical decisions (though many of the people I see outgrew the “rational and logical thinking” phase).

Surviving a Street Fight is about more than just blindly attacking and beating someone without thinking – most of the time this will get you outsmarted and face down in asphalt.

Winning the Street Fight of Life is in many ways the same thing as your basic street fight, the one who has the best combination of Timing, Mental Gaming and Physical Ability will win. This is the result of many competitions of life – which is why you should always be working to be smarter and stronger.

There is no limit to the issues that can be overcome by the Spartan equipped with pen, nor the Scholar brandishing a sword.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to how to actually survive when you get into a(the) Street Fight.

In a street fight, keep a cool head: One of the biggest mistakes people make in life is not thinking before action, nor reaction.

You will get many more places in life with Brain than Brawn. However even though the latter is not to be underestimated, the former is what will propel you to the win, it will give you that little edge over your opponent with the fire in his eyes and the cloudy judgement.

In life, in a real fight, emotions clouding your judgement will never lead you to good decisions.

You’ll get mad and get into an argument you shouldn’t have (or, ironically enough a fight) and on the other side of the coin, blind anger and furious rage may work in fights for video games or with smaller opponents – but if someone can see your judgement is blind they’ll use that against you.

Be smartly offensive: They say defense is the best offense, but defense vs defense results in a very intense staredown.

Likewise in life, when it hits you with a haymaker and instead of you swinging back you sulk and drown in your depression, it ends in a standstill.

No, when life gets you down your #1 way to keep yourself motivated is keeping yourself productive and working, as soon as you get bored and stagnant you will find yourself starting to slip into that depression like state.

Think about it – You lose your job or a significant other, make a bad business deal and end up losing money, you get robbed or whatever negative thing that can happen on any day happens. Ok, so you took a loss – maybe a BIG one – but sitting around and sulking in your sorrows isn’t gonna get you anywhere.

What’d I say earlier? “Every action has a reaction?” Well, it’s up to you to Control your reaction to the ills of life, when you get hit just hit back even harder.

Instead of spending your time being sad, spend your time working to recoup from your loss and make advancements again, and remember that whatever happened in your life, you aren’t alone. Your problems aren’t unique to you. Everyone has friends die, people lose their jobs, people get into fights, robbed, you name it.

But if you let yourself be defined by your failures, instead of framing them into a stepping stone to your successes – who will you really be at the end of your life?

Be well prepared: Like everything in life, preparation is key for a fight. But how exactly can you be prepared for a street fight when most of them are spontaneous?

Well physically, that’s why you should always be exercising and maintaining good health so you’re in good shape should the occasion ever arise, but in life it’s not that simple.

Life doesn’t necessarily have a training routine you can undertake to enable you to reach success in all the perils that life will try to throw at you everyday.

Being well trained in both Brain and Brawn is an effectively way to prepare for most things, but not necessarily everything.

My advice is, stay well versed and read in everything relating to your work, your life, and how to understand and read people.

Before I talk about a subject I usually gather as much information about it as I can, I am a natural skeptic as many people need to learn how to be. Blindly trusting any information given to you from an “authority figure” leads you to conformity and becoming a conformist.

Before entering into a situation, make sure you have done your homework as to not be embarrassed by not knowing what you’re talking about.

Make sure when you see those headlines and articles floating across your timelines on twitter, you read and analyze any articles you intend to use in your arguments later on in life. There’s nothing more embarrassing than using something to support your position that ultimately subtly undermines it somewhere in the article.

Learn how money works, learn how to make it, learn how the economic system works, learn how to have different sources of income – both passive and active.

Learn how to be your own person, in complete and total control of your Mind, and your Body. In the end, this will lead you to victory. To the victor goes the spoils, and at the end of your life would you rather be Ali, or Sonny?

Winning the Street fight

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