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That’s life!

I just got in from the cold. My body clock is whacked out and so I sleep for most of the day, get work done at night. However the silence gets to me.
Texting old &ToTSE members, I went outside for a smoke and listened to “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra, realising the people that have gone from my life, through their own choice or mine.

Anyway, coming back in I saw that the new episode of the Walking Dead was almost downloaded (S02E07) and so I thought I’d get some work done while the last 5% downloads. This University stuff is never-ending.

I apologise for my lack of activity on &T, as I have been preoccupied and ill as hell. Going to the loo 5ft from my bed) is enough challenge as getting out of bed is agony, so getting to my laptop is another challenge. Shit ain’t cool.

Also this past week I’ve found that selling pharmaceutical drugs can be very profitable. Meeting people at lectures when I have the energy to go. More spending money for my Holiday in December with an old &T member. I’ll work hard on getting better and will have to show you the photos. Aww yeah.

In other news, I’ve found out I’m vaguely related to the Actress Lauren Cohan than I realised.

Life is mad at the moment, but don’t worry – I still watch over my beloved Community. Just taking things easy at the moment

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