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Trump’s Rise: The House of Cards that wont fall

AP_donld_trump_jt_160124_12x5_1600Donald Trump is going to win this election , and I’m taking all bets now on anyone who is against his campaign, this man is a sure shot to win. From how he dominates every debate, to how he has the news and media hanging on his every word looking for a chance to misconstrue information, he is the puppet master pulling the strings right now.


For one, I’ve always been a natural antagonist and find it fun to mess with people (akin to what some might call a troll), and it’s funny watching Trump do the same thing to his enemies, and watching them squirm in response. Ever since he kicked off his campaign with the comments about building a wall (even though I wasn’t a supporter at first) I knew it was going to be something I had to watch closely.

I’m one of the few that has been into politics for a long time, but for some reason my views have always been found controversial.

I was just hitting my teens when Obama’s first presidential run was winding down, and even back then I found myself at the ire of my peers when they heard I didn’t support him. Nothing he did seemed genuine to me, I don’t know what it was about him but he just seemed fake.

Like you know how they have those pictures depicting him as a Snake/Reptilian Creature or some type of alien? Yea, that’s how he’s always looked to me. Not even on a personal level, I know nothing about him personally – but I do know that he’s a typical politician that says he’ll do one thing when he gets into office, and then does another. That link may be from 2011 but he still hasn’t fixed many of what’s on that list.


But this isn’t about Obama, this is about Trump, about his epic rise to stardom and how no matter the amount of shots the media takes at him, the amount of “blunders”  that he commits, no matter how many people’s feelings he hurts – he keeps going.

Mike Cernovich talked about this on his blog, how Trump’s momentum and refusal to apologize for his views (which is something a SuperPAC Backed politican can be forced to do) are some of the leading factors in his campaign, and it’s true.

Ever since Trump has entered the race he has been controversial on every issue that he’s come across, though probably not always intentionally, and the media has misinterpreted and skewed every one so far.

For instance, the comments about making a universal system to register and track all muslims, which has been drawing him the ire of the news and muslims worldwide, was grossly misreported by the Associated Press. This gross lack of journalistic integrity has even resulted in many a comparison to the Fuhrer himself although I think it’s safe to say I’d compare Hitlery Hillary to him before Trump.

You see, as the article above explains the media loves to keep it vague in order to be able to spin stories the way they want, and promote their views. They did this with his beginning comments about building a wall in Mexico, they did it with the muslim registration, they did it with his comments about illegal immigration from mexico, and it will likely continue all the way until and even after he wins the presidency.


This is the main issue I have with Sanders, and the real reason I feel like he even has support. Black people have been looking for another politician they feel like cares about their plight and their issues since Obama’s presidency started winding down.

Behind “The first black President” they had a spokesperson, a face for the fight for black empowerment, a brother in a high place to fight for the right for black people to “be treated equally” everywhere, but since he is about to end his term they need someone else who they feel like is sympathetic to their issues.

They were wrong.

Speaking of the minority vote, let me go ahead and throw in that I don’t like and would never vote for Bernie Sanders for racial reasons. Most blacks I know support him because “OMG HE SAYS HES GONNA LEGALIZE WEED AND MAKE COLLEGE FREE” but none of them have ever looked at his policies and noticed that, other than the fact that Congress would never let most of them go through, most of them simply wont work. 

In addition, I don’t like how he tries to pander to the black race to get our vote, I don’t like how he tries to portray us as victims of slavery and the institutionalized racism that affected people like Martin Luther King (who, by the way was recently compared to Sanders by an idiot named Shaun King, who was exposed for being the Male Rachel Dolezal late last year).

I don’t like anyone who tries to harp on racial tensions as a way to get their point across, especially to the point of victimizing and “feeling sad for” us as a race, and every time Sanders speaks I feel like he feels sorry for us for situations that we either never directly lived in, nor are as bad as the conditions our ancestors went through.

I have no respect for any person, Black, White, Latino or anything of the sort that tries to play the race card. I was the only black kid in a nearly all white middle school before (well one of 3 but the other two rarely ever came to school), I was bullied by the other kids, my teachers hated me, I was often given the short end of the stick when it came to academics.

But did I let this turn me into a weak, fragile shell of a man that screams “THAT’S RACIST!” any chance I get? Did I let this form and askew my views about all white people? Did it make me hate, dislike or have any ill will towards Caucasians?

No, because I am not a victim, I do not play the victim nor the race card, I do not let things like my ancestors living in slavery (and considering I’m Black and Native American, we got it worse than anyone) affect how I feel towards a race of people, nor my future in general.


But I digress, Trump’s campaign has been a meteoric rise to the top, and those who support him can do nothing but see why. In fact, it’s gotten

As a black man supporting Trump, I catch a lot of hell for doing so – even though he’s the leading candidate in terms of minority support.

I don’t know many of these supporters personally. I guess I need smarter friends.

Many people try (and more people probably will for this post) try to paint me as an “Uncle Ruckus” for supporting Trump, and for my refusal to play the race card and the victim role for issues like slavery and “white privilege”.

So be it, I would rather be around and respect those who work hard to overcome adversity no matter how tough the challenge, than those that cry and want their diaper changed over something like “White Privilege”.

Recently Trump made headlines when he announced he refuses to attend the FOXNEWS Debate on Thursday unless they remove Megyn Kelly as the moderator, who has made numerous attacks against Trump – including calling him a misogynist, an emotional farce I can attest to being called.

After this many news sites and networks commented, pandering for publicity and views. Pea-brained statements made by those who have an IQ inferior to that of a grain of rice have come out of the woodworks, ranging from “Trump’s whining and backing out of the debate is a slap in the fact to voters”, to “Trump doesn’t control the media”.

But they don’t understand that he’s pulling the strings of the media and they are dancing at every tug. The ultimate ventriloquist, they don’t realize that much of Trump’s campaign is rooted in sales and business, that everything he’s been doing has been calculated to increase publicity and his voice.

Trump says he wont debate, and suddenly it’s covered across every media outlet in the country – likely the world. When Trump speaks, the world stops and listens – and whether they like what they say or don’t, whether it’s his real words or some twisted farce, the entire world knows that Trump said something every time he opens his mouth.

Trump is a person of the people, he admittedly doesn’t like rich people and vice versa, and I admired him for his sales ability before his run for Presidency, and I still will no matter his personal views and feelings.

I don’t let how someone feels about an issue change my views on them, people are who they are and you can’t change someone’s opinion by cutting them off, nor can you blame someone by the views of their supporters. Saying this bring me to an important point piece of the puzzle to bring the picture into perspective of why Trump get’s so much hate.


It’s because the media, fragile and weak in it’s ego, attacks a man who even said in his book that his mindset is to Push, and when the media pushes against him he pushes back 10x as hard.

At first it was his policies, and they found they couldn’t stop his support from growing, people saw through the looking glass and separated the real from the fake.

Then they attacked his views and mindset, calling him everything from racist to misogynist, not noticing that on all of these occasions, his views and words have been misconstrued.

Now, they’re going as far as to attack his supporters, and they’re only picking out the bad ones too.

The main narrative now is that all (or at least a majority of) Trump’s supporters are racist, never mind the various Black and Latino voters that support him and understand his message.

They love to talk about the views of Ann Coulter, who I’ve regarded as an idiot ever since the made this comment about “importing muslims”. (I don’t think a country has “imported” people since the Atlantic Slave trade, but that’s another conversation entirely).

Her stupidity (and her poodle-resembling face) has been one of the things making it harder on Trump, and making it easier for his attackers to find ways to critique him, but now they’ve found another idiotic, meaningless thing to attack – the people he retweets.

Now the narrative is this, that Donald Trump must be a White Supremacist because 62% of the people he has retweeted THIS WEEK (y’know, because it’s not like there’s 52 of them in a year or anything, and many until the election) are following or are “White Supremacists”.

I didn’t even want to link to that article at first, I don’t want to bring publicity to something as idiotic as this statement but I feel like it needs to be addressed.

Because anyone with any common sense would read this article, and conclude that White Supremacy and White Genocide are two completely opposite ends of the spectrum, one wishes to eradicate the white race while the other wants to eliminate anything but Purebred White people.

On the other hand, why does who Trump retweets matter? Do any of these outlets think Trump really researches and looks at the profiles of everyone he retweets? No, that’d be a waste of his valuable time, he has too much energy to be spent putting all of his focus and momentum into furthering his campaign, to promoting his ideology and making his voice heard.

You think he really vets all of the accounts he retweets?

Yes there are those that are White Supremacists, however you can find the same thing with blacks, with latinos, with any type of race on earth, you will find multiple groups who have a goal of eradicating all others. White Supremacists supported Obama (though not for positive reasons) but when Trump has supporters akin to the same ideology, he’s attacked.

The media fears Trump, they know he will win the presidency even though most of the people with the biggest voice in this country (I.E. the news outlets) are against him, he is leading the polls in just about every category right now, and in just 7 months we will find ourselves going from calling him The Donald.… to The President.

via : Aedonis Bravo Presents: Unlock Your Bravado