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Think Smarter Weekly – Recommended Reading

Starting today I will be beginning and maintaining a section of the website dedicated to recommended reading for my viewers. These will either be books that I have read or are currently reading and recommend – I stress quality and I won’t suggest you something that I wouldn’t utilize myself. This will start off as a weekly thing, however based on my real life commitments it may have to change to a monthly release. That being said, the first 6 books to obtain a place on the list are:

One of the first books on development that I read as a younger child (my step father is heavily intrigued by books of this nature, so I would always hear about or see them via him) and helped me shape a lot of the ideas about how I am and how I work today. Namely when he focuses on Power and Control (Which were the basics behind my own ideas behind the Bravado pillar of Mind > Body (aka Power begets Control), which will be explained in my soon to be released book RISE and SHINE. A very good read for anyone looking to improve themselves.

I went back and read this book again recently, and I will say – it’s one of those types that gets easier and yet more complex with each reading. Each time I read this book, I gain a new understanding of some type of idea that I didn’t before, and yet it implants into my conscious a new ideology or thought that I either had previously dismissed, or never considered. I recommend this to anyone who isn’t a millionaire (which is most likely anyone reading this).

The HandBook on Sales Tactics as I like to call it, this book is a frequent read even today for me. It taught me many of the basic concepts of sales that can be used in many a different format, and coupled with the ideas taught in Paul Ekman’s books below, it greatly sharpened and honed my powers of manipulation. I find it much easier to make people think things without them knowing I’ve changed their viewpoint, and this translates immensely to selling products.

Love him or Hate him (which a lot of people do) you can’t argue that the shit Mike says doesn’t make sense. He jokes around a lot and knows exactly how to draw a reaction out of people easily (which is why I’m a fan, my ability to relate to him) which has accounted for many a drama filled battle in his days on the web. But for all of the critics, there are 10x the fans, and books like Gorilla Mindset show why. Mike doesn’t just tell you what he does in his life and just expect you to be able to relate – no, he digs deeper than that. He address WHY he does what he does, he addresses how it affects him before, during and after, he addresses how it affects those around him and how their changing perception of them doesn’t matter to him. All in all, it is a highly recommended read.

Shameless plug aside, this is a great little book if you’re looking to start a side business (everyone should have one, if not you’re living incorrectly) and some tips on what, how and where to start. For only $3, you can find yourself with a return of $300 by the end of your first month working the tactics described in the book – and that’s just a minimum. Take the time and develop using the strategies I show you, and by the end of 2016 you’ll have a very profitable side business that you can manage while still working a regular job.

If it weren’t for Paul, I wouldn’t be able to deal with women and people the way I do. While not intended for it, when it comes to Game, these books show you a lot about the hidden artistry that PUA’s use to meet women – if you can pick it out from the rest of the emat of the book. He is a deception detection specialist, who’s success has even spawned a short lived show that you can now find on netflix called “Lie to ME”, I’d recommend everyone check it out. These books teach you how to identify what people really mean when they say things, and what they are feeling when they aren’t saying anything.

This is week 1 of Think Smarter Weekly, next week I will update the post with a few more books I’m currently digging into, and be sure to do all of us a favor and buy the author’s books – your support is what we live for.

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