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Your Son as a Feminist

I’m utterly disgusted by how someone can possibly do this to a child.

This is the type of thing that makes me truly believe #feminismiscancer, the fact that someone can think that that is acceptable, especially at their age is beyond me.

It’s starting to become more and more clear that strong, masculine “Role-Model” like men are starting to become the minority in the new world we’re entering.

In this new generation fueled by Millennials and Generation Z, you are starting to see more and more situations like the one above – women are essentially making their children (both SONS and daughters) into mini versions of them. For a daughter this is ok, for a son it’s sickening and terrifying.

This is the main contributor to things like people growing up claiming to be Non Binary Superhelio Attack Helicopter Rockets and all of the other 837 supposed “genders” these people are making up in their head these days.

Like honestly, does this parent wish they had a daughter instead of a son that bad?


Examples like this picture are exactly why I started this site in the first place – seeing examples like this happen and watching some of the people I grew up with turn out to be pussified, beta, and feminine excuses for men got to a point where I felt like I needed to do something about it.

I know I’m still young and have a lot to learn about the world, but the experiences and the application to life that I have already experienced put me in the position to talk about my many experiences with the world, and offer my teachings and insights to other people.

I am just trying to help men understand how to be stronger, smarter, think more logically, stand up for themselves more – all in all, to understand how to Be a Man.

The bottom line is – Feminism and its many allies are trying to kill what is the Strong Masculine male today, and replace him with a Politically Correct, Beta Male Feminine excuse for a Man, and that won’t do in the long run.

via : Unlock Your Bravado