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Stop Investing in People


Think about the people you know for a second.

Right now, as you live and breathe on this earth, how many people do you know you can truly count on, that would stick by you no matter what happened in your life, or theirs?

Remember this carefully, this may not be the case with you now but you need to ingrain this into your conscience so that you know what I’m referring to, and comprehend my explanation.

“As long as your investments in other people are greater than or equal to those in yourself, you will find yourself at the mercy of others.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to forego people in general and become an egocentric Narcissist, It’s perfectly fine to have this type of thinking and have long and healthy relationships with people.

But you need to realize, people are fickle.

Friendships/Relationships fade, and you never want to catch yourself on the wrong end of an emotional tear after it happens.

I’ve seen new women come into men’s lives and tear him from his friends and family, reducing him to a helpless puppet that would do whatever feeble request she asked..

I’ve seen men get a higher status position or a new job and the jealousy ruin the relationships with the people around him.

I’ve seen the smallest of things, disputes about money, differences of opinion, small disagreements and many other factors contribute to the breakdown of friendships and relationships that years were put into.

The fact of the matter is, it happens, but you need to stop putting others on the pedestal you have so carefully perched yourself atop. If you don’t feel good about yourself, you need to find a host of reasons to, you need to find and identify yourself as a person, what you want, what you can do, what you believe in.

I’ve a few times been in situations where the smallest of disputes has caused me to get rid of people who I felt were no longer beneficial to my life, my success, and my health and well-being.

Some of these people were my closest friends for years and I now find myself unable to fathom them continuing to have a presence in my life.

With me being young, I’m realizing now many of the relationships you build in high school are fragile and fickle anyway, the same rings true for when you get older.

However, It taught me an important lesson about how weak your friendships with others can be, and just how quickly you can go from being extremely close to a person, to not meaning anything at all to them.

Again, not on an egotistical level but you need to have a healthy view in your mind that (to you, at the very least) you are greater than everyone around you. You mean more to yourself than your friends, your family, anyone else that is around you.

Unless they are your child, there is a 99.9% chance they have an ulterior motive and interest in any situation, in anything that they do for you, and you must realize that most people are out for themselves in this world, that there are those few that care more about others than themselves, but they won’t get very fat with that attitude anyway.

If not, you are liable to be taken advantage of and manipulated by those very people you put so much trust and comfort in.

This concept exists purely to keep you from making bad investments in the wrong people, this is a skill that will benefit you in the end because you will realize no matter how much you think you might need or want someone, they are always expendable, you can always find someone or something to take the place of what you thought that once were in your life.

This is a skill that will enable you to build higher quality relationships with higher quality people, but also will prohibit you from investing too much of yourself into any situation to the point where you are afraid of pulling back.

This is the essence of manipulation.

As a man, when you think you can do no better than her – she has already won, you have given up your power to leave/free will to her.

As a woman, the adverse is also true.

The most important thing is to believe in, trust in and value yourself above all others.

After all, you were born alone, will spend a majority of the time in your life alone (per se) and will die alone.

You must understand that no matter the relationship you build with someone, it can be torn to shreds in an instant for reasons out of your control, that you may not even know about.

You must know that no matter how strong of a bridge you build with someone, all it takes is one match to set it on fire.

Would you rather be a pile of charred ashes at the aftermath, or be in Control of the situation and arise the unshaken victor should any dispute arise?

via : Unlock Your Bravado